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Hello it has been a while since I actually posted on here.
I really haven't had that much of a relapse since I was first diagnosed.
This year is 2014 Jan I was rushed to hospital with 3 8cm ovarian cysts and there was torsion on my ovary. Thankfully they removed the cysts and saved my ovary.
On top of all of that I was working full time and having some form of social life. I was watching what I was eating and then we had a huge amount of stress at home. I also changed jobs and got bullied and lost my job due to being in probation period.

Then of course relapse.

Numbness from the kneads down topical
Terrible terrible headaches
Balance issues

These are all old symptoms and haven't been bad since I first got diagnosed or have reared its ugly head. There is nothing really new.

My gyno has put me on Zoely which is a new 3rd generation pill and I am thinking this has got something to do with the fact my emotions are all over the place. I have really only been on it 1 and half months.
My anxiety has sky rocketed.

I got my vitamin D checked and it was 60 ( australian measurement ) he will not give me a mega dose as he believes its in range. Which is frustrating. All my bloods were okay.

I am still on LDN 3mg

I really do not want to get an MRI. I am a firm believer that if I need one I will go get one.

I am working 40 hours a week in a law firm . My mind is still sharp as anything. But I am suffering HUGE adrenal fatigue. On top of some ovarian pain. Numbness in my legs from knees down and my balance with me running into walls is embarrassing.

I have been gluten free for about 1 month now and noticed a HUGE difference I do not have dairy either and the biggest nemesis for me is coffee and sugar which I am trying ever so hard to cut. I notice that my numbness gets worse when I have coffee

I am also trying to drink 3 litres of water a day.

Now my question.

How do I get better. I am trying so hard. I want to start to meditate. I know I have to be kinder to myself take a step back and relax.

Does anyone have any tricks on helping the numbness from the knees down. For some reason I think a mega dose of vitamin D would help me so much. But if no doctor is able to give it to me am I able to swallow 10 vitamin D 1000 IU tablets per day to boost up my dose? Would that have the same effect?

I just want to feel emotionally better too. I don't know about this new pill Zoely - it says on the packet if you have any numbness or dizziness to stop. i don't do well with the pill and this is about the 5th one I have swapped too. I really don't know what to do concerning the growth of my cysts as I have another ultrasound down and another is growing.

I just feel all over the place at the moment.

Thank you for helping and listening


Hey there soph - you do not need a physician's permission to take a mega dose of Vitamin D. I took one against doctors order's and felt immensely satisfied knowing that her research is 16 years behind my own (she is a nice doctor, just following the orders of the AMA). The mega dose almost immediately made my intense fatigue go away (not completely but enough to give me a life outside of my bedroom.) If your level is 60 there would be no surprises that you are having a relapse. You want to be around 150-200 - with the odds suggesting that 200 is more like it. If I were you I would go straight to the pharmacy and buy a bottle of Vitamin D and take 150 000 IU straight away. After that you take the 10 000 per day - it will not get your level up quickly enough if you only take 10 00 per day. I would also take some vitamin b 12 - do a little reading - Patrick Kingsley (a bit of an eccentric and has an odd way of presenting "data' - it is mostly anecdotal evidence that he uses - but he claims to have successfully treated MS neuropathy symptoms with b12. I tried it and it worked for me.)
You could also try to increase you LDN dosage - I take 4.5 mg.

Someone on another thread recommends feverfew for headaches (sorry can't remember who) and mentions that it is used in migraine medicine.

These things address your relapse on a dietary basis but not of course your anxiety. If you want to feel better than you might need to take some time off work. Maybe if you have had a stressful time that has pushed you to relapse then your body is asking you to take a rest. Are you pushing yourself past what you are able to do at the moment? Do you have unrealistic expectations? Can you allow yourself to fall into a heap in not achieve and let people help you for a while?

From what you are describing it seems like you need at least a month off work and the vitamin d - today!
At least take that vitamin D, I am begging you, even if you choose not to do anything else I suggested.
Love to you , and peace and calm.
There is a simple to follow breathing podcast on here you could be using to start meditating.
Can you put support in place so you can take rest time now.
Could you either take a work break or cut hours back.
What aspects of the diet are you not doing yet and work on those being adopted. Are you eating meat still.
Whilst taking drugs I would be mindful of taking other substances you might buy (excluding b12 or d) because there might be interaction.
Good luck and patience and nurture your body :-)

I am in Australia and purchase high-strength vitamin D capsules online from Prohealth. Here is a link: http://www.prohealth.com/search/results ... start=true

Until you receive your high strength capsules, I would suggest you buckle down and take as many 1,000 IU capsules as possible each day to try and get your level up as quickly as possible. Whereabouts in Australia are you?

I know that most GP's (and most doctors in general) don't understand the importance of Vitamin D in MS patients. I have heard that endocrinologists are more au fait with vitamin D.

Here is a link to the vitamin D information on this site, followed by a 'cut and paste' of what I think is relevant to you at present: http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... Vitamin-D/

My recommendation regarding multiple sclerosis and vitamin D is that when first diagnosed with MS, people should ask for a vitamin D level immediately. It is very common for this first level to be low, and often this is why the attack happened. Australian researchers are now calling for ‘Active detection of vitamin D insufficiency among people with MS and intervention to restore vitamin D status to adequate levels … as part of the clinical management of MS’.27 Many neurologists I know are now doing this routinely at diagnosis. If the level is very low, it can be brought up very quickly with a one-off megadose of vitamin D followed by regular capsules.28 Many people get quite nervous about using large doses of vitamin D for MS, but the research shows that it is very safe, and indeed necessary if levels are to be raised quickly.

For people with initial levels indicating severe deficiency less than 12.5nmol/L a one-off megadose of 600,000IU raised levels to an average of 73nmol/L. This is still probably half the level which may be optimal in MS, but it can be seen that even large doses of this vitamin are quite safe. More recent research has shown that people who are overweight or obese require even larger doses of supplements to get levels up.29 My suggestion is to get a one-off dose like this if the initial level is low, and then take a regular supplement of around 5,000IU a day in winter, or more if required (10,000IU a day is perfectly safe), and the same on summer days when you get no sun, to get the level to around 150nmol/L as a minimum. The level should be checked at the end of each winter of supplementation to make sure it is not being overdone. Holick, a world authority on vitamin D suggests annually checking one’s vitamin D level as a routine.30

It took several megadoses, plus 10,000 IU daily, to get my level up above 150. Once there, I noted a very marked difference in wellbeing and energy. This is a common story amongst OMSers.

Find a GP who will respect and support your wishes in regard to health care - they are out there. Interview a few of 'em! Integrative GP's are a good bet in this regard, but somewhat expensive. Here is (yet another!) link to where you can find an integrative GP: https://www.aima.net.au/

Wishing you the very best of health,


Try . Cbd has fully changed my life and helps me connect to my inner self and put away negative thinking and other manifestations of anxiety.
Where do you buy your CBD? In the UK the stuff is so watered down that I have experienced no effect, despite trying various recommended brands.
Be always undiminished
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