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Hi there,
I wondered if anyone has any recommended reads on this subject.
I have read "Your body speaks your mind" by Deb Shapiro and Minding your Mitochondria by Dr Terry Wahls.
Thanks in advance!
love and light
Rose x
Hi Rose

I enjoyed 'Anatomy of the Spirit' by Carolyn Myss. She talks about why some people heal and others don't amongst other things. I will look into the books you mentioned - they look interesting!

God bless
Hilary x
Thank you for your reply Hilary, I have read Anatomy of the Spirit but quite some time ago....
I think I will refresh myself and re read it.Thank you
Love and light
Rose x
Wherever You Go, There You Are
The Laws of Spirit, by Dan Millman
I follow meditation, deep breathing, visualization and positive thinking. Though I know some yoga, I am not really into that. For physical fitness, I run 4 times a week.
I saw someone recommend 'The Miracle of Mindfulness ` by Thich Nhat Hanh, someone on OMS, someone very wise.
I have read Shapiro's book and tried analysing my symptoms and thoughts:). I also read Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani...about a person dying of cancer but once she lost her fears, she was healed....more support of our thoughts effecting our health.

In reading Terry Wahls, I found I don't believe in the higher amounts of meat she recommends, but I am very appreciative of the in-roads she is making with the mainstream medical communities in the USA. She has presented diet and healing to many doctors in traditional hospitals (some people I know we're surprised to hear her speak at their traditional medical work places). She also promotes a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in the diet, which I believe is essential to good health.

I would also recommend Anthony William's Medical Medium book. He recommends low fat, lots of healthy fruits and veges to heal from MS, as well as foods that help get rid of the viruses that actually cause MS. In contrast to Shapiro saying your body's symptoms are telling you something, he explains that your body supports you and would never attack you (is not an autoimmune issue). MS is caused because there are viruses in your body that your immune system is trying to get rid of....and can get rid of when you eat to support it and use herbs to help you. My health has continued to improve following the advice in his book, which does not contradict anything that OMS recommends.

Best wishes on your healing journey!
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