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Hi! I have not posted in ages - but I often check in on you all. I searched the forum to see if anyone had posted on this book. Apologies if this is an old topic...

I just read this book last week. My husband works for a hedge fund that pays (exorbitant amounts) for research. Research on anything and everything that is cutting edge, interesting, and forward thinking. There was a blurb on this book. His first book was a game changer for me.

http://www.amazon.com/The-Brains-Way-He ... f=rec_dp_2

The light therapy, lasers and MS chapter was most relevant to us but I found the chapter on exercise and Parkinson's disease fascinating and particularly heartbreaking. It really made me re-focus on my exercise goals. I personally find that the most intense exercise helps me the most with both increased energy and sleep. It also makes me less insane. :lol:

Did anyone see Still Alice? It's about a young woman who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. While it was painful to watch it also really resonated with me. Her diagnosis is really similar to the way that we discover that we have MS. It is from the perspective of the patient - so you experience with her first hand the horrors of what she is going through. Relatable - yes. It allows people who are "healthy" to experience first hand how scary living can become. I saw it with a friend and she cried after saying she understood better how it feels to constantly wonder what you will loose next. Sadly enough the director was diagnosed with ALS while the movie was in production. In an interview he mentions that it gave him a new perspective on disease and how it changes ones life. I felt there was a deep understanding of that in the movie. He wrote the speech that she makes in the movie about the art of loosing. It's extraordinary.

Anyway will stop blabbering. How is that for a long rambling post?! Can you tell I have missed you?!

I havent read this one but the writer's book The Brain That Changes iitself is amazing and is a must read.
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I was going to suggest the same book :-) the brain is amazing
I've already read super brain by Deepak Chopra & Rudolph Tanzi, and I'm planning on reading "The brain's way of healing" by norman doidge I foung on .

Any other recommendations? These books are a big help at keeping me motivated to stay calm to master my reaction to tinnitus, so one day my brain might filter it out. I really recommend you doing the same! The more you know, the more you think rationally during a panic attack :)
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