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http://www.buffalo.edu/ubnow/stories/20 ... leeds.html

Don't think I linked to this report the last time I posted, again it's a recent development, which suggests this aspect is only beginning to be understood. This fits perfectly with everything I've experienced so far. But I have been refused the weighted MRI scan talked about in that article which lets you see the cerebral microbleed, so I now have no choice but to find a way to pay for the scan to be done privately. I wish we lived in the future, where there was one scanner to scan for everything.

I have continued to experience more symptoms, most notably now pain in my legs and the base of my spine. As you'll see in the above article, it's associated with other conditions too, and as yet there are no treatments. In that article it mentions that "prevention of cardiovascular risk factors was seen as the best way to prevent their formation." Which is why I asked about it with regards to OMS

I was asked by a nurse I explained this to what I expected to happen even if they found it? I explained that then at least it would be known about and written in my record, so that I can then ask for the closer monitoring as recommended and if (when) a therapy is developed it would then already be known about.

I suspect that this condition may well have unknowingly caused ms in many people, it's undoubtedly been the cause for me, and a number of people with ms I've spoken to, have told me that prior they either had some kind of head injury or surgery.
Hi ScienceFan,

I'm a female, Doctor recently diagnosed with MS. After my recent relapse with double vision I went into remission with IV steroids. About a month later I experienced electrical type of pain in my right groin during very satisfying sex with my husband. After that I sometimes feel worsening of my ms symptoms after sex.
I think what you described was just exacerbated ms symptoms by orgasm. In my opinion any strong sensations (positive and negative) could trigger an attack of ms.
Btw, my double vision problem started a week after being on 4 extreme roller coasters in a roll! So this micro bleeding theory must be true.
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