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I don't know where to start........but here goes...........does anybody else feel like their head is in a bubble ? I feel as if I'm not quite there , not sharp , blunted , as if I'm disconnected ............. Bizarre feeling .........don't know how to explain ........ It is overwhelming.........you make perfect sense but in your head you feel as if you are distant ...........
I suppose 75% of the members on this forum knows the feeling, me included.
Be aware that what you describe is the opposite of being present in the moment, mindfullness meditation will help a lot.
And do you know what your vitamin d level is?
Is it all the time or comes after doing something tiring like a party or getting hot?
I refer to it being a bit spacey
Hi there,
I know what you mean. People can think you are a bit slow or drunk even, as we know full well that cognition can be impaired with M.S,
Heat slows nerve transmission, so heat doesn't help.
Check your vit B12 levels, give them a boost! low iron can bring confusion and slow thought processes and vit D levels too.
Once I have cooled down after exercise ,I always feel more alert and sharper.
One of my Mantras is "never stop moving". as you can't afford to with M.S.
Rose x
I find this also.

Interestingly brain fog is also one of the main symptoms of Candida. There are those that believe that Candida is a cause of MS, so probably not surprising that PwMS often experience brain fog.
Fognitive cog, I mean, cognitive fog, has been my principal symptom.
I was long mis-labelled a person with mental illness. No proper diagnosis, just years of psychiatric medication.
Neuropsychologists may help.
I went to a presentation on exercise and MS and it was all about physical effects.
Nothing sensory or cognitive.
Aerobic exercise, and load-bearing both help.
I find that I don't need caffeine, cigarettes or otgher drugs to wake up and think each day, but some minor exercise.
Some medications can help some peoples cognitive problems too.
The following infographic shows some natural treatments for brain fog. Hope it helps!

Source: https://draxe.com/brain-fog/
The mirror tells the truth!
I have had pan-hypopituitarism for most of my life (deficiencies in cortisone, testosterone,
anti-diuretic hormone, growth hormone, and thyroid hormone).
Dr Axe's advice seems to gel well with OMS.

I went to a replay of an online lecture about MS and exercise.
It was good, albeit death by power point.
But it made no reference to how exercise might address cognitive problems.
Aerobic exercise is probably a good start...
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