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Does anyone here know of a connection between MS and OCD? I came across some inconclusive talk on the internet about thin myelin sheaths being a possible cause for OCD, so taking supplements that build up myelin would lessen symptoms. I've been taking flax and vit D, but what supplements are best for rebuilding and maintaining myelin?
If you hear any more info on this, please post as I am very interested. thanks!
It’s comforting to see someone else posting about this, as this is one of the main symptoms I have. I had OCD quite a bit as a child, although I didn’t really understand at the time. I chose to just ignore it as I got older and it seemed to just fade away.

But, years later when ms reared it’s head, it came back out of nowhere, I couldn’t even watch someone moving erratically on a television screen but I would feel the same sensations through my own limbs. I sense things left too close to the edge of a table for instance and feel compelled to move them whereas this wasn’t a problem before. It has gone into overdrive very obviously since demyelination is taking place, so I think you’re definitely right that thinning myelin and OCD have a connection. Trying to explain this to nurses and doctors has been quite difficult, as sometimes they don’t seem to get what I’m explaining. They think I’m just reporting heightened ocd, I don’t know if they realise the connection, which seems obvious to me.

I’m taking flaxseed and vit d too, as well as trying follow oms as best I can. I’d be very interested in what else can help rebuild and thicken myelin as well.
I think the link is very interesting, and makes complete sense in my opinion.
I think stress is what makes this much worse.

Ocd, like everything else takes so many guises.
From obsessively washing your hand, to making promises to ourselves if I do this then nothing bad will happen.
All these things and many many more are very tiring ànd draining.

I think it is like a jigsaw ànd one piece leads to another to make sense of the picture.

I feel the same about the programme, the diet part is important in keeping the fire contained.

However a stressful situation can come along and throw petrol on that fire.

I think there are so many things that make sense, and when the whole jigsaw is complete the answers will be much clearer. Then the jigsaw can be presented to the medical community.

They will fight it of course, the stronger the fight, the more it will become apparent it is fear driving it.

Be kind to yourselves!

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