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Hi Everyone,

I have noticed over the last couple of years that my concentration and attention in social gatherings, or conversations one on one, is somewhat poor. When having conversations with friends I often find that midway through, my mind drifts off and thinks about something else or another topic or something else discussed 5 minutes beforehand. When I realise I've drifted off it's then too late and I have missed most the current conversation and I have to try rely on bits and pieces said that managed to sneak into my brain.

Another example... I often also loose track of conversations if I am at a table with a group of friends and there is a different conversation at either end of the table. I start listening to one conversation then hear snippets of the other, then get distracted and before I know it, I've lost the guts of both conversations!

My fiance has noticed I do this too...but we at least can't help but laugh as even though I have drifted off our conversation...I still manage to come back to earth and repeat back to him what he word for word :lol:

I don't know if this problem is just my personality, (I am rather reserved and not the most sociable person), or it is a result of MS Symptoms? Does anyone else do this and is it possibly MS related?
MS July 2013, OMS August 2013
Could be m.s related but keep in mind there are other medical reasons for this too.

I will be talking with someone and halfway through I completely forget what I was saying.
This has happened an embarrassing amount of times.
I also forget how to pronounce some words.
My mind is not as sharp as it once was.

Could be m,s
Could be the antidepressants I’m on.
Could be the stress in my life.
Could be a hearing problem.

Will be interesting to see if others have these brain blanks also.
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