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Hi all,

I have loved reading through all the posts in this forum. I am a researcher and an over analyser so have found people's stories and experiences very comforting. I have been doing a lot of my own research on trauma and stress and its impact on the onset and progression of MS. I believe the chronic I experienced over many years led to the onset of MS. Since my diagnosis and starting treatment (April 2016), I have moved away from the chronic stress (toxic relationship) I had in my life at the time. I haven't had any relapses, no new lesions and my symptoms are improving. So much so that I am interested in discontinuing my disease modifying drug (Tysabri). Any neurologist or GP I have spoken to so far is convinced it is the Tysabri that has improved my symptoms rather than moving away from chronic stress/trauma. It is difficult to ascertain what exactly is responsible considering both treatment and significant reduction in stress occurred at the same time. There is research dating back to the early 1900's regarding chronic stress and MS onset/progression. Does anyone have any opinions on this or similar stories!?

In my case, the symptoms that lead to diagnosis happened after a prolonged period of serious stress.
Prior to diagnosis, when i first felt symptoms, it was also in relation to severe stress.

I occasionally get flare ups when confronted with acute stressors, but they subside with the stressors going away.
I was diagnosed ms in late May 2018. At the time I started a new job was doing a bunch of Reno’s and my ex wife started a court action over our finalized divorce.. So yes stress triggered my ms.. I’m waiting to get meds I have changed my diet and have had improvement

The body just burns out.

Ps we need OMS here in Canada, I live in the MS capitol OF THE WORLD. Saskatchewan Canada. There is no talk of diet helping ms at all here, irony at its worst.

This is also my experience.
The problems I had that led to diagnosis in 2010 were caused by prolonged stress. Now after 8 years of relatively good health I have again problems and again it is caused by prolonged stress.
Where I see problem is, that now and back in 2010, the stress was caused by the same thing. I thought that I solved it, but aparently I didnt.
Problem with toxic relationships is that it is not enough to only move away from them, but also change my own behaviour at the core level. My tendency ( and it is commom) is to search for the same pattern and therefore there is probability that I create the same stress in the future unless I change the perception of life/situation etc.

So, definitele yes, MS in my case is very connected to stress.

I was also thinking, if there exists some research related to type of personalities that are common among people with MS.
it woulb be interesting for me.

Thank you
I got sick and diagnosed April/May 18 - I also believe there is a link between stress and MS. (As well as poor diet)

I was extremely stressed and anxious prior to getting sick - I am still doing the same work but less hours and taking time away to relax and exercise - and sunbake!!

I feel a lot better and pretty much adopted the Oms program after I got diagnosed. I feel like I am making positive steps towards a better me.

The main challenge? I am finding It hard meditate each day for 30 minutes but trying to get there as I believe my mind needs a rest!! I try and do 10 minutes at a time.

Thanks for sharing your post!!
Hi all

I have always believed that stress is the driving force.
I explain it as stress lights a fire, and then diet acts as petrol thrown on that fire and everything goes "boom".

I had a prolonged period of stress before diagnosis.
It was brought on (as it always was by family).
There is a general consensus in therapy that there is a person in every group that takes on certain things within a group be that laughter, high energy, low energy, tiredness and stress.

I was that person within my family!
So I started putting myself first, not easy as I said I was the one called on to solve all problems but this was never acknowledged.

So, yes I do think there are character traits that take on stress, and this in turn can lead to a variety of illness.
When I was watching remedy yesterday they at one point might have been telling my story.
We cannot help our personalities, they are what make us unique and special.
I firmly believe though that if we acknowledge what we can and can't change, and move on from pain we can take charge of our futures.

Be kind to yourselves

Wow, thank you all for sharing your stories. So good to see that I am not alone in thinking chronic stress and emotional trauma are central to MS onset/progression. I have been writing a lot about 'deeply feeling' people. Like myself. People like me are often labelled 'highly sensitive' - typically taking on the emotions and stress of the people and places around them. I have been working on 'grounding' myself when I feel overwhelmed by emotion or sadness. I actively avoid the news or disturbing tv shows/movies. Even though I don't know the people in the stories, I feel that it impacts my emotions and mood. When I was young I remember watching a traumatic movie and that impacted me emotionally for years. Very deeply feeling. Always taking on more than I should. Working on my emotional boundaries has also been really useful. I see being deeply feeling as both a blessing and a curse most days. Writing also helps. Thanks again for sharing all! x
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