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I bicycle a lot indoors using a turbo trainer. Often going long and as hard as I can.
Sweating like crazy of course, though that's much moderated by several fans.
I drink a lot of water before, and try to remember to drink plenty through an event.
Afterwards I usually taste much salt on my exterior.
In hot weather (a rarity here in the UK), all this gets exaggerated.
With very little salt added to cooking my whole food diet, and never added at meals.
Avoiding all processed foods, I suspect that my body is on the low end of salt levels, by modern standards.
I also tend to get a fair bit of crap, particularly at night after really hard rides.

My question is whether I should consider adding salts/minerals of various sorts (assume there's more than NaCl involved), to food or drinks.
In general I avoid all additives, chemicals of any sort. In riders I drink plain water. Occasionally eating a banana - that's it.
At the same time we remember how people in hot climates have always valued salt highly, so I do wonder if there are minimum salt levels for health.
Of course we hear mostly about high salt levels and hardened arteries.
But my idle BP still being around 100/50 at 50bpm, HRmax over 160, as age 70 gets nearer, plus OMS diet for coming up for a decade with zero relapses, I'm hoping my insides are tiptop.
I'd suggest a trip to a dietitian. Get an accurate account of where you diet is at and whether you need to up your salt intake. Not something to muck around with.
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