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Hi All,

Just wonder if anyone goes Mountain Biking as the exercise option? I do yoga regulary which I love, but my cardio has been mountain biking here in the lake district with Hubby an (expert and instructor) however I wonder if the difficulty of the riding is causing me stress and symptoms as opposed to the actual exercising!! Problem is there are few "easy" rides to do so wonder if I should try another exercise?
Been getting some ocular dysmetria problems as new symptoms recently (eyes not focusing so disorientation feelings) and can only put it down to too much exercise ( Weekend 2hr rides and 45mins twice a week) and stress with muddy paths.
I think the solution is hubby does his long ride and I do a much shorter one so I stay healthy and we still have a hobby together.

Had MS 11 years now and OMS since August 2010, so doing really well, and probably trying to be the old competitive sporty me!!
Need to get back into the mind spirit posts and meditate more!

Hi Anita,

I am a new convert to the benefits of biking. I hadn't riden a bicycle in over 20 years since being at Uni so it was a big change on my body in January this year.

I started riding my mountain bike up and down the country hills to work and absolutely loved the peace and serenity as well as the physical challenge. Unfortunately, I found it a bit too demanding on my poor little body. Fate, luck, devine intervention saw me swap my normal bike for a recumbent bike and it has made a world of difference.

Last week I donned my snow gear and did 32klms to work and home in the day. My record is completing this feat twice in the same week so it really depends on how my health is going, and of course the weather.

Yes, I think it would be very challenging trying to keep up with your instructor level husband and your expectations after having MS for 11years. I love a positive attitude but sometimes a small dose of reality is good. I do like the sound of you taking a shorter easier course just because our recovery time is shite compared to well people.

I recently did 36klm bike ride with a group of 27 riders. We had a back up plan that I would sit out the ride or do a much reduced 8klms depending on how I felt on the day. So I think as long as you have options then you can just relax and play it by ear on the day.

Anyway, best of luck in your battles. A great way to keep fit, active and enjoy some quality time with your special hubby.

Developed 5 May 2011, Diagnosed 4 Aug 2011, OMS 15 Sept 2011, Gluten-Free 22 February 2012, Recovery declaration 2 September 2014, Relapse 14 October 2019, Recovery declared again 1 November 2020.
Hi Alex,

Thanks for your post. I think the ability to see wild deer, no people and just stunning views is enough
to compensate trying another sport, so will do like you say, a small ride, or the longer ride in smaller
sections with plenty of rest and hopefully in moderation will be the best output for all!

Thanks and hope your biking stays fun too.

Wow, that sounds ace! I wish I could go cycling (probably not mountain biking, as it's fairly flat around here, but there's some lovely Cheshire countryside to explore). Sadly, I don't feel that I can trust my balance to that extent. Maybe it's a target that I could work towards (perhaps practising with one of the stationary bikes in the gym)?
Hi Catriona,

Yes thats a good idea. I had never been on a bike since going over handlebars
during my cycling proficiency test at school! a long time ago !! Met husband a mtn bike fanatic
and he taught me and I must say I do love it.

I get less symptoms than when I used to run as the bike does more of the work and wind
cools you down. I used to do spinning alot in California when I worked there so had a lot
of practice on a stationary bike and that am sure helped.
I use clipless pedals not cleats so I'm not tied to bike as that scares me ! and I can always get
off easily.
David actually took his mtn bike exams at Rivington , near Bolton I believe and said the rides there are good.

We live near Wastwater and Scafell ( highest UK mountain) which is where we bike on lower level trails, some climbs.
The MBR magazine manchester guys say they have the best mountain bike country as you are near the Peak
District too so you may be amazed at what bridleways there are near you. Flat is good too as negotiating stones
pebbles etc on flat is bumpy enough ;-)) Trails nice. I really recommend as most scenery down bridleways is
very relaxing being with nature. Good luck ;-)
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