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This cyclist is still pedalling and finding it a huge boost for fitness, health and spirits.
It is easy to go as hard or gently as suits our needs.
Plenty of self generated air flow to keep cool, and water bottle carriers as standard.
Easier to view the passing countryside than running, and so much further reach than walking.
Of course there's traffic, potholes, navigation, punctures, symptoms but some of these help us direct our focus away from thinking anything about MS, and anyway there are potential gotchas in any get-up-an-go activities that are good for us.
In my dreams, I'd have some companions to go bicycling with and if some had MS, we could encourage and help one another, and make sure we cooked up as much humour as possible.
Meanwhile, as summer gets closer, the countryside beckons. So it's time to check brakes and clean the chain, tog up, helmet & shades, clip-in, head out on the roads and see what adventures wait to be enjoyed.
Still hoping to come across others with similar leanings ...
Have cycled for years at a good level, but now limited by leg symptoms - or is it just age?!

Still ride for the sheer joy of it, but down to 25k at a stretch,targeting 100k/month.

These new fangled electric bikes are looking lovelier by the day, especially the Bianchi Impulse and the Stealth B-52 - but canI justify the cost?

Love riding my new 125 scooter to work though - same thrill!
It's great that you found a bike club! To make it easier to recommend yoga, you will learn to better control and understand your body.
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