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Hi guys. This may sound a somewhat silly question but do you think cycling or jogging is more beneficial for ms.
I have a 10 min walk to work at a fast pace adding up to 40 mins per day.
On the flat or downward slopes i can have a steady jog, energy permitting. (Don't do much uphill slope as left leg doesn't come up that well, so splat!).
Am thinking of cycling to work so obviously would work harder up hill but nothing down.
Is it more beneficial to stick with the walking/ jogging?
Will be getting some jogging when i do my daily hour over the hill.
Sorry if it sounds a bit silly but i want to get the most out of what i can fit in.
Many thanks, L
I would walk and days and cycle others, mix it up.
I cycle if I need to travel locally, I can get much further that way without suffering too much fatigue on the journey, and that allows me more 'walk time" when I get there.

The main differences for me are getting my heart rate up, (by pushing myself on the bike), or wearing myself out, (by walking). Overall I can be more stable when fatigued while on the bike and moving, than while walking... the biggest thing I had to conquer was, where to put my walking cane, solved with some PVC pipe and zip ties!

With a well set up gear ratio, you can cycle much slower and still balance, (when tired), than I can walk when as tired.

As veg said, "mix it up"!
Be well, live long and prosper!
Thanks for replying guys.
Looking at this now i don't think the cost of a bike would equal any extra benefits to jogging.
I did wonder if cycling would make lazy left leg work harder than jogging (sometimes i think it's a bit of a passenger) and also if would strengthen balance but you seem to find it easier.
It would be specifically for my 'commute' and it seems being on foot would make me work both up and down hill. Fast walk up and jogging down, heart rate up, puff puff puff :D , as opposed to free wheeling.
Thanks again, you've been helpful., as always. L
I was thinking along the lines of not replacing walking with cycling but walking some days and cycling others so you did a bit of both and see how you feel when doing that. I love cycling but it makes my legs tight so walking kept then stretched out again.
Is jumping better than both cycling and jogging? I read somewhere about the benefits of jumping.
Any sport is useful. It all depends on what you like best. Never do exercises that you don't like unless your doctor says otherwise. My passion is bikes. Anyway, there is a pollution problem, preferably if you can buy a special oxygen tank and a mask for sports, then your exercises will be perfect and you will be surprised how much you can do :)
Cycling in the morning before going to work and maybe walking at night after dinner sounds good to me.
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