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Has anyone see this? It's not about MS - it's about yoga.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... X9FSZJu448

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thank you for posting this link Alex. I have woken up somewhat lethargic and uninspired and was thinking " I really don't want to do my exercises this morning" but now I intend to not only do the usual morning routine but as it is my day off work I will go on the wii fit and do the yoga exercises.
Nice to see you back on the forum Inez, hope you enjoy yoga as much as I do.
Thanks Alex!

Love yoga!
For those of whom haven't seen it. The guy might be a typical MS patient with tremendous walking difficulties. The trick is that he is able to get back in shape and perhaps retrain his brain and body to bettter coordinate. It's an amazing transformation and I think that's a lot of what's available to people who may have slowed down too much due to MS and can achieve a lot through exercise.

I try to think of it this way - the human brain/body is capable of amazing feats such as balancing on a wire. If I have trouble with balance, I still have access to training - it may take enough training for normal person to walk on a wire, but with a person with MS, walking normally is a fine goal.

My balance is fine. I brush my teeth balanced on each foot for 1 minute. I walk on kerbs too.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
wow, what an amazing video. Thank you so much for posting Alex.
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Fantastic! Thank you.


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That was inspiring.
Wow.. what an inspiration! I don't look like him physically.. but my legs do look like that when I walk. I'm so upping my yoga!

Great post.. thank you.

Hi there,
Just a tag on to the above posting. I am attending a one-day Iyengar yoga workshop in Wycombe, UK on Saturday June 30 focusing on yoga and multiple sclerosis. The three-day programme is being taught by Garth McLean who was diagnosed with MS in 1996; and uses MS to stabilise his condition and keep it in remission. Have no idea what it will be like, but thought it was worth a try as I practice yoga and would love some extra guidance on the MS side.
Here is the link

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