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I would like to promote the value of yoga in the management of MS symptoms and I believe nerve regeneration.

I had my first relapse 7 years ago at 42 years of age (my diagnosis at that time was GBS, only found out I have MS in July this year due to a relapse - so 7 years untreated).

I was so affected by my first relapse in '05 that I could not dress, feed or shower myself for months. It took 6 months to be able to raise my arms to shoulder height and to be strong enough to pull the tag on my son's nappy (and that effort caused a migraine!). Walking was also very difficult and I still can not run.

So from that dark place, I built up to level 2 in Iyengar Yoga (which includes full inversions) over a few years.

So I feel 'recovery' (and I think this is a subjective term) is achievable, nerves can regenerate. I wish someone would do a clinical study on the stimpulating and pacifying effect of yoga inversions on the nervous system! If you know of such research I would be very interested. Julie
Wow! I personally have never tried yoga, but would love too. Your story makes me want to try it even more. I like the idea of exercise and some form of meditation at the same time. How could that not be healing?! I'm happy it has had such a positive impact on your health.
Doing yoga and exercises not only helps us to stay fit but also it keeps us energetic for rest of the day. Joined aerobic classes with my friend last month. And also bought comfortable beyond yoga online. Tops and sports bras were already there which I shopped couple of months back from the same store. Their quality finish is amazing.
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