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Hi all,

This video of Garth McLean is an inspiring story of a man managing his MS with yoga.


Garth McLean is coming to the UK and will be teaching in June and July.
I am going to Manchester on 14 June but I believe that weekend is sold out.
He will be in Sheffield on 9 July:

http://sheffieldyogacentre.co.uk/2014/0 ... h-maclean/

and in High Wycombe (6-8 June) and London (11-13 July).
You can find out more on his website:


Hope you UK people can make it to one of them.
Everyone else, check out the video!
Another similar individual who has defied MS and also practices the same type of Yoga which is Iyengar.

Here is a video about Yoga and Eric Small.

I might attend Garth McLean who is doing a London visit at Maida vale Iyengar institute on the 11-13 July.
Here is a link to check out the details:
Hi LMP !

I've been to Garth's Sarva & Maida Vale workshops for the last 3 years. He's utterly inspirational.

I can't make his Sarva weekend which started today but plan to be at the Iyengar Institute in Maida Vale next month - perhaps see you there?

All the best

Hi Yavvy,

I definitely intend to go to Maida Vale to do the session so will be great to meet you there !
Otherwise, I will also be starting Yoga at the Iyengar institute in Maida Vale as it seems like the best place.

In any event, I look forward to meeting you there.

All the best,

I'll be the one checking all the windows/doors are open....

The Iyengar Institute is very good with loads of classes. I don't know if you already practice Iyengar or are new to it?

Yes, I have tried Iyengar a few times before although not at the institute.
Therefore, I am relatively new to it.

For this reason I will be starting the introduction course in the end of June and will then revert onto the beginners course thereafter.

I am really looking forward to starting Iyengar more seriously and the institute seems to be the best place !
I love Iyengar yoga. Careful, precise, intelligent. Use of props as and when needed really help people like me access the poses well.

Plus, my aunt is an Iyengar teacher.

The Iyengar Institute will need to match you with a Senior teacher - junior teachers aren't supposed to teach people with serious medical issues, like MS.
Iyengar Yoga Institute, Maida Vale, London, now taking bookings for workshop with the wonderful teacher, Garth McLean (see above)
I've just booked my place on this for Sunday 13th July - looking forward to meeting anyone else going :-) Caitlin x
So glad others are going to do yoga with Garth. I can't wait til Saturday in Manchester.
I didn't realize coming to the UK has been a regular thing for him.
Please post as soon as you find out about his classes; I'm afraid my post was a little late
because I learned about it late myself.

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