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Hi Sarah - hi Caitlin.

I've just booked my July weekend at the Iyengar Institute, Maida Vale - it always feels like a present to myself.

I think Garth started off doing his weekend workshop at Sarva, High Wycombe (just closing it's doors for the last time, sadly) and the Iyengar Institute in Maida Vale - but by popular demand, his 'tour' has extended to Manchester, Sheffield (this year he's been to Australia, Denmark etc). I'm keen to get him to come westwards next year and consider Bristol, if a venue can be found.

Sarah, I'm jealous you're going on Saturday - I can't wait! He's such a lovely, compassionate teacher. I tried hard to get RIMS MS conference to have him as a speaker earlier this month but it seems they weren't interested in a non-clinician.

Look forward to hearing your views of the workshop.

Caitlin, perhaps you, me and Luka could agree a code to recognise each other in Maida Vale?;)
Hi everyone!

Sarah - have a great time in Manchester. You were the one who got me started on yoga by sending me those sequences so a big thank you to you!

Yavvy & Luka - I really look fwd to meeting you on the Sunday. I will be wearing black leggings and a lime green t-shirt so hopefully you will both recognise me and we can have a little OMS reunion over lunch :-)

All the best

*chuckle* I'll look out for the lime green T-shirt !
Hi All,

Just back from doing yoga yesterday with Garth McLean in Manchester. SO great!
I wish I could come to London.

I especially liked all his ideas of adapting poses for various levels of dis/ability.
Perfect inspiration to get me on my mat every day, even if only for one pose.
Also cool to hear his story. Being Californian myself, I loved hearing his accent though wondered
if others had a hard time understanding him. Tell me your experiences...

I offered him an OMS book and brochure but he said he has them and I told him some more OMSers
would be coming to his classes; you must tell him that you are the folks Sarah from Berkeley/Sheffield mentioned!

Have a great time. I hope to meet up with you all next time he's here.
Hi Sarah - so glad you enjoyed it. Garth great, isn't he? A compassionate soul I think. I hope his International Therapeutics charity expands apace - it's really needed, especially in Iyengar yoga where I've met some senior teachers who are - how shall I put this? - like Kim Jong Un on a mat!

Tell me, was there a lot of sitting on a brick to tighten pelvic floor/urinary tract region?!

I have the Sat/Sun next month to look forward to (can't make the Friday afternoon session sadly). I'm hoping he can expand his tour to the West Country next year - trekking up to High Wycombe & then London has been a bit of a drag not to mention not cheap.

Yes, even if it's 'just' one pose a day, that's helping I feel. I always used to push myself to do a really active 2 hr yoga session 3/4 times a week, and didn't really get the importance of the restorative poses. I do now. So 'just' lying in supta badakonasana for 20 minutes, or doing 3 downward dogs etc is just as much as I want and need some days - other days, I do the 'full monty'. A great investment for me was getting a Feetup stool on which to practice headstand without crunching my neck (prolapsed neck disc at one point) - the benefits of inversion poses are huge......
Caitlin, Luka, hoping to see you next weekend at Garth's workshop. I'm tall, dark & likely to be wearing radioactive salmon pink top.....*sheesh*
Looking forward to meeting you all too :-) Yavvy - between my lime green and your salmon pink us OMSers will blind everybody!
And so we should - we are full of so much flax & omega 3 we could probably fuel a flight to Mars! In fact, I'm wearing salmon pink as a testament to benefits of wild salmon!
Have a great time at Garth's workshop next week. I attended last year's weekend in Maida Vale, and it was a deeply inspirational experience - as you said Garth is very compassionate as well as extremely skilled. I won't be able to attend this year unfortunately, but I wish you all a great weekend, and perhaps will meet you on a subsequent of his workshop.
Stephan --- OMG: April 2011, OMS: Sept 2011, Retreat: Oct 2012 8-)
Stephan, hi - I would have seen you at last year's workshop in Maida Vale. You're not by any chance the chap who has Parkinson's Disease ?
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