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So, remind me - who is coming on Saturday and who is coming on Sunday to Garth's workshop? I'll be there both days - tall, short, dark hair, face like a horse has kicked it (so my mum tells me). Do come over & say hi!
Hey Caitlin :)

Hope you really enjoyed Garth's workshop & hope to see you again next year, all being well
Hi Yavvy!
It was great to meet you on Sunday. Garth is an inspirational teacher and I am still amazed at the things he got us to do! He was taking his life in his hands helping us with those handstands up the wall ;-) Really hope we can both make it next year too. Have a lovely summer and take care x
Yes, those handstands.....especially for the taller folks in the room (me & Ollie) - I feared I might suffocate Garth with my legs!

Yes, he's a star. All things permitting, I'll certainly be there again next year. Be well. x
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