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This morning, I can't help singing the praises of pilates! I'm a beginner, and I'm remembering how it feels to be properly in control of my physical movements. I've felt good for a few days after the class every time I've been - and it's getting better every time.

I've been going along to a weekly 45 min lunchtime class at the gym by work. I've done 2 practise sessions at home, but had to miss one of the classes - so that's 4 classes, 2 practises in 5 weeks, and even with this tiny initial step the results feel dramatic. 2 weeks in (so only 2 classes) I was already noticing that my balance felt more under control. Last night, for the first time in 3 years, I walked from the kitchen into the lounge carrying 2 cups of tea at the same time (without spilling any - without even feeling worried that I might spill any!).

Pilates is fantastic - really can't recommend it highly enough.
I've just got in from my class, I love it and really feel the benefits. My balance is better and I feel stronger. A long way too go though, still the 'weakest' in the class! One day I'm hoping I won't be!!! :D
Yep! I would consider Pilates to be an essensial part of my program to keep well; also massage every 2 weeks.
I have limited income so these two things although they cost money I give them priority because they are so important.
I wish everyone would have a course of Pilates and at the very least get a home program which they could carry on at no cost.
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I think just the balance improvements have so much effect on many tiny everyday things, so it's making me feel noticeably more in control throughout the day. It's easier to get dressed, it's easier to walk quickly down the steps if someone's holding the door to my office building open, it's easier to sit down and stand up, it's easier to carry a coffee, it's easier to squat down and remove the little plastic caps for checking tyre pressure on my car....
I just started the 5 week introduction course, then I can join a beginners course. Pleased to be going.
I have added the two exercises shown so far to my morning routine, so am getting practice in :)
Excellent Veg! Will you report back to us on how it has gone after the 5 weeks?
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Yes will try to
Great, good luck with it :)
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