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I have problems with balance, foot drop on my right side, lifting my right leg and generally walking any distance. I have read a lot of comments regarding the benefits of Pilates. I have a couple of books but there are so many different exercises I wondered if someone could point me in the direction of some specific exercises that have helped with these symptoms.

Should also add that's its great reading all your comments and how positive you all are. It has really helped me on my bad days.

Hi Lesley

I have suffered with the same issues as you and my Physio recommended the following exercises:

Pilates 'Bridge' (x 5)
Pilates 'Clam' (lying on one side with knees bent and opening/closing the top leg) (x 5)
Still lying on one side, lift and lower the top leg (x 5)
Pilates 'dog' and 'cat' stretches (x 10)
Standing, keep the back straight and bend knees. Hold for 20 seconds (x 5)

I would also recommend getting a DVD to follow - might be easier than a book. Lynne Robinson is quite good.

Hi Rachel
Thanks for that information I will base my programme around those exercises.
The other Rachel is spot on! I am also physio trained and recommend those. I also do 'bent knee fallout'. Lie with knees bent up and keeping hips level move one knee out to side and back to parallel. Only take knee as far as you can keep hips stable. Aim for 10 on each side. Alternating one left, one right is hardest.

Hi Lesley

I fully agree with the Rachels, and add, that if you can, go over the exercises with a trained Pilates instructor or Physio; as how you do them is important. I find regular participation in Pilates also gives me the added benefit of improved bladder and bowel control - always a bonus!

:D I tried pilates on recommendation of physio at hospital. I joined a local class and bought a video (Darcey Bussell, pilates for life) must be an old one she looks really young. Video is great as it is split into sections so you can do as much or little as you like. The class is great as I have learned to do it correctly and made new friends and the video can be done inbetween classes. I can't manage everything on the video but just do what I can and it has really helped. Great for core strength and balance but I still wobble a bit sometimes just maybe not as much as I would have otherwise.

Christine x
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