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Hi all, this post maybe more like a Facebook post. But I am happy to say I have started swimming training with a local swim club.
At 40 years of age your pride takes a big hit but if you can keep out of the way of the 8 year olds as they literally fly past you and just keep your sense of humour it feels so great. My left arm and legs don't do what they should so any stroke other than freestyle is hard but it is not IMPOSSIBLE, I think I swam a whole lap of backstroke just breathing water.
It's only been 3 weeks but I have been improving every week and actually attempted butterfly. Since I started other older swimmers joined in and now we get our own lane.
Soooooooo happy :)
1st sign no diagnosis Oct 1999, DX 2007, SPMS 2011.
If your post had a "like" icon, I would click it! I think exercise is so important for all of us. I always feel better/stronger after exercise. Good for you for trying the fly. I've been a scorer for our home swim meets for our high school for many years. That stroke is so tough! Keep up the good work!
Hi Neale

The endorphins you receive from swimming are quite something. I also have been swimming for years now & it has really helped in keeping me stable. It would be fun training with a group. I also see an exercise physiologist who helps me with land exercises & she said that swimming would have to be one of the best exercises for ms as it works every muscle.

Keep enjoying
I love to do swimming as well. The best thing about swimming is relaxation.
- Helps to make us lose extra body fat.
- provide endurance, muscle strength.
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