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Sadly when the bladder gets going it gets going and I do not get a grace period of activity.

Excelent to read you took your three year old swimming, what an acheivement :D
That's great that you're having such good results swimming too, Alex. Last time I went swimming, instead of just kicking with the float, I did a length on my back the float between my knees and so just using my arms. The amount of effort that took was enormous, I really did have to activate my core muscles to keep even vaguely in a straight line! Will definitely be trying that again as it will give my legs a rest whilst allowing me to spend longer in the pool.

I've been so excited about swimming that I haven't been to use the gym equipment, but I think I will to see if I can now do longer on the cross trainer and elliptic.

Am down with a bit of a cold/blocked sinuses etc today so I didn't particularly notice if anything was easier for longer this morning. I will certainly take notice if it does though. It's reassuring to hear of things like this happening to other people, as sometimes I wonder if these sorts of improvements are in my mind because they seem to come and go. I have also got the book 'The Brain That Changes Itself', so will revisit it to remind myself of the amazing things people can do.

Do let me know how your swimming goes, it is great to hear someone else having such great results from it too.

veg wrote: That is so brilliant :)

I would love to swim in a pool (I have to use the sea when I can, rarely) as I would loose my bladder constantly, exercising that is challenging is still causing my bladder to fail miserably. I just recall the old story that your pee goes purple... lol, anyway in the pool would not be great but in the changing rooms even worse.

I've peed in pools in England, France, Hungary, Poland, Japan and the US. There is no dye. Think about it - sweat would turn purple as well.

Just watch people swimming for a few hours and see how many get out of the pool, go to the toilet and come back... Not many, maybe not any.

And the Kiddie pool? Why do you think it's so warm, lol?

I wouldn't let that keep me out of the pool, but if you want, you can get a swim diaper/nappy.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
One more thing. Many pools have family/handicapped private dressing areas where you could change in comfort.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Thank you for the extra comments, I have not now ruled it out.
Swimming diaper, might even for my acceptence of loss of modesty push it one to far, lol, I have to put up with sommit similar to do pilates as it is ;)
I agree swimming has fantastic results. I try and mix up my exercise but swimming by far has the best effects on me. Firstly I don't get fatigued when in the water as apposed to walking. I do say 10 - 20 laps (25 mtr pool) then have a rest and do another set again and so on. The feeling of wellbeing after you swim is really great and it lasts for most of the day for me. I was nervous at first however as the pool that I use was indoor but I found a pool that wasn't too overheated and try to go when there are not heaps of people.

I would encourage anyone who can get to a pool to give it a go and persevere as it takes time to get used to the whole routine but its worth it.

I am sitting waiting for my kids to come out of school. It is 36•C in Melbourne I will be going straight home to jump in the pool to cool me right down to the core. The weather has knocked me for a six. Then I'm going to start the 21 day meditation challenge 3 days late.
Cor that sounds hot.. is it very humid?
Do you get to swim all year round in your pool? I always think I would love to have a pool as getting down to the public swimming pool, getting changed etc is almost as tiring as the actual swim!
Hi katie
No cant swim all year round. Hope to get solor heating soon to extend the swimming season. It is a great way to cool off properly. Better than a cool shower. It's going to be another scorcher today. Ahhh
Hey Katie!

Congratulations for your improvements! That's awesome! :D

Also thank you for sharing your experience with us! You know, u encouraged me to swim again!! I will start this Monday!! ;)

Wish you all the best!!
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