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I wanted to write this because it looks so intimidating when people are swimming.

I wanted to say that I swam yesterday during lap swimming for the first time. What I found out was that it was mostly seniors and the slow lane was indeed slow. I waited at each end between laps and no one seemed to mind except one guy who seemed frustrated. I wondered secretly if he had MS or something and was resentful about a "healthy" guy like me not understanding.

In any case, some small tips from my small start:

1) You can get aquainted during the "Family Swim" time - it's basically a free-for-all, but don't try to swim laps or be agressive, just kick or paddle or something
2) If you want to try lap swimming, but dont' know how, take a class
3) if you know how to swim already, go on the weekend or some time when it's old people, not sports fanatics

Get some goggles too. My eyes are a bit red today:)

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Hi Alex, Join an AUSSI Masters Swim Club (at most pools) age ranges 18 to 90 plus. Don't be intimidated, It is all about
Fun, Fitness and Friendship. I am one of the oldies but started 30 years ago when my son was a junior and haven't looked back. Swimming and Tai Chi (for balance) keeps me on my feet and active. Best of luck. Patricia
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