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i kind of emigrated from cold Europe to hot Bali some weeks ago. Still I suffer under the unused climate, my walking distance and balance got worse here, but I love the islands vibe, the constantly good weather and, maybe even best of all, I have got a private pool just 1,50m from my apartment door.

its not huge, maybe about 7,50m long and 3m wide, but its just 1,50m deep. I started breast-stroking in it about a week ago (calm, deep breathing and stroking) but enforced the tempo today, breathing out under water and reduced the stops between doing lengths and it already feels amazingly good.

Now I read in this forum here, that some people started walking in their pools, seem to make good improvements concerning their balance and I have to say I'm fascinated by the idea.

Can anybody confirm these experiences?
How do you walk in the pool? just like walking on land?
Does anybody have some special recommendations for the walking?

Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Hydrotherapy is used a lot by neuro physios and physios generally. It is a good way of exercising when injury or illness makes it difficult to do so in more traditional (land based) ways. There is a lot of info on the subject on the internet - or you can ask a physio for more advice. I found this link but there were loads to choose from:
https://www.physiotherapy-treatment.com ... ation.html
Water based exercise can be a nice, gentle way to stretch and work on balance, in particular, I think. A lot can be done on your own but it is helpful to have a physio on hand to guide you through exercises that are tailored for your paticular 'weaker spots'.
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Thank you for your reply and the link you provided!. I willl definitely take a closer look at it and the google-results I get for looking up "hydrotherapy".

After 5 days of training and walking in the pool I start to feel benefits of my own little hydrotherapy. At least in the hour after my exercises, I am feeling more awake/aware and the way I hold my changed, I am standing and walking much more straight.
Started to also do some balance yoga in the water, but like everything in our/my disease (PPMS) it takes time! Also started walking with my eyes closed, backwards and in circles.

I am looking forward to continue these exercises every day!
Don't stop at walking . I do things that I cannot do on land -- 100 hops on each leg -- 100 jumps - running on the spot -- walk backwards and forwards... cycle using a noodle, do chorus line kicks then breaststroke forward and backwards - I have been doing this for three months. I started with 10 repetitions and worked my way up to 100 - my balance feels better because my legs are stronger.... I fee really good too and have more muscle
and tone.
When I am doing the exercises I visualise myself doing them on land.
Thank you, great to hear!

So far (3 weeks, daily exercise) it still feels great to me, but maybe I need to stick with it much longer until I feel more benefit from it. So far my posture has improved a lot (which may also be a result of my swimming 2x30min daily) and I am walking much straighter, but fatigue strikes me really hard the later the day gets....

I have to be home by darkness (ca. 6:30 pm here)
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