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Hi i am fairly new to the diet. Been doing it a couple of months now. I am finding it hard to calculate the saturated fat in everything I eat. I know we are told not to count the sat fat in foods but I want to be sure I am not taking in more than 20gs per day. Does anyone have any printable resources which detail the amount of sat fat in all foods please its really just until I become more practised and confident with the diet. Thanks.
I struggle with the same - for now I'm just looking at all labels and doing an estimate. I think you can get fairly close.
The best is however to enjoy good foods so you don't need to have this extra worry :)
I am in my 10th year of living the OMS lifestyle, and you will get to a point where you will not need to read the labels to concentrate on your daily fats intake. You will just know the closer you are eating to whole foods and mastering more of your own meals the further you will be from eating processed foods so you will not be reading labels. For a simple example - I have never eaten a packaged or bottled pasta sauce since beginning OMS. I always make my own and you can freeze it for other meals like Vegetable lasagne etc....
You will have more good weeks to balance out any week that you feel you weren’t quite following recommendations so well?
Check the recipes on here for inspiration, don’t be hard on yourself and the OMS lifestyle will seamlessly fit into your life.
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Don't worry, everything will be OK :D I had the same questions ;)
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