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Beautifully written Mess Positive.
After having just come back from a walk/jog ( I call it "a wog") I read your post and totally agree.
Personally,exercise is the only thing that "raises me up".
My mantra is "never stop moving".
Thanks once again.
rose x
When I heard Prof J talk about exercising 7 days a week, I was not to be outdone. So, I committed to swimming 7 days a week, in the sun. Since then (it's been about 4 months), I have had a noticeable increase in cognitive ability. The first measurable evidence was that, after more than a year of mostly losing a fast moving word game (phone app: Ruzzle) with my wife, I started winning my share. And it continues. I started out wanting to swim 30 minutes but, each day when I arrived at the 30 minute mark, I kept wanting to swim more. Now, most days, I swim about 45-50 minutes. It's hard to measure my fatigue level for the rest of my daily activities but I have a general sense of not getting as tired from doing yard work, etc.
Belief beyond proof is faith. Belief in spite of proof is folly.
Dear George,
I cannot thank you enough. I heard (or read) you say that you swim 7 days a week. I said to myself, if it's good enough for the professor it's good enough for me. About 6 months ago, I made a commitment to swim at least 30 minutes a day in the sun, 7 days a week, and do some resistance training in the gym at least 5 days a week.

Since then everything seems to be getting better:
• I have much more energy and less fatigue.
• I was using a cane to help me walk more steadily and catch myself when caught off balance. But, about a month ago, I put the cane away as my balance has so improved.
• My short term memory has dramatically improved. I'm actually getting visual memories of where I left my keys or phone, etc.
• My congnitive ability has noticeably improved as evidenced by my competition in fast paced word games.

I don't know how much swimming in the sun can be proven to be responsible for all this improvement, but it's the only explanation I have, for I have changed nothing else in the past 6 months.

One thing I've learned for sure: If I don't get enough sleep/rest the exercise wears me down much more quickly.
Belief beyond proof is faith. Belief in spite of proof is folly.
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