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I travel quite a bit and create a Google translation to give to chefs. The lastest I did was Spanish:

Requisitos Dieteticos
No debe contener:
• Carne
• Lecheria
• Yema
• Aceite excepto aceite de oliva virgen extra
• Comida frita
• Chocolate
• Coco
Puede contener:
• Pescados y mariscos
• Vegetales y fruta
• Ensalada
• Arroz y granos
• Leche vegetal (leche de soja)
• Tofu y tempeh
• Clara de huevo
• Nueces
• Especias
• Alcohol

Would be good to know if this is accurate and for native speakers to add more versions. I have a more basic version in French and a very basic version in Danish, but I'm sure they can be massively mproved upon.
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Nice work, Diggety! At least as far as I can tell with my cantina Spanish! Haha!
Thanks for sharing - I'm guessing this will get us most of the way.

Be well, everyone!
Whoops, make that "Diggity" with two i's. Sorry!

By the way, I love the way the OMSer in the graphic has knocked the yolk out of the egg.
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