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Hi All,

I recently became very confused. Somehow when I started OMS in 2016 and also later read the book, I got the information that we are not supposed to have more than 10g of saturated fat. While browsing the recipes on this website I came across one that called for more than that amount in the whole recipe and posted a question. One of the moderators explained that our limit is 20g a day, and of course no one would eat the whole dish at once anyway.

So my questions is how much saturated fat is our limit: 10g or 20g? It's a big difference, and not limiting myself to 10g would make my diet a bit easier. I follow OMS diet very strictly with plant based food and fish, so normally I don't come near even 10 g, but still it would be nice to have more wiggle room.

My second questions is about bone broth with 0 saturated fat. While I was searching through FAQs today I found an answer to a question about gelatin, which totally confused me: Gelatin is not a problem in relation to MS. While it is an animal product, it contains no saturated fat. However, some people are either allergic to the capsules or have ethical concerns, so they may try to source non-gelatin products, which tend to be more expensive and less widely available". If gelatin is OK, how come bone broth is not? It supposed to be healing for leaky gut but I don't eat it because I thought it wasn't allowed on OMS as an animal product.

Please help me understand these contradicting information.

Thank you kindly,
Hi Tedi, I think I explained in my earlier post that the 20g of saturated fat came from the Swank study. A very important piece of research showing a clear link between lower consumption of saturated fat and MS disease progression. Dr Jelinek has advocated keeping saturated fat consumption even lower and this where the 10g figure has come from. Eating the OMS way should mean that we don't reach 10g of sat fat a day.

Bone broth is a decision you probably have to take for yourself. I follow Dr Jelinek's advice to avoid non-plant based foods other than fish. So on this basis if I were to make a "bone broth" I would follow the advice others have posted and use fish bones.
Well, I understand that Swank allowed 20g, but he also allowed fat free dairy and lean meat. Aren't we supposed to stick with prof. Jelinek's OMS diet and not prof. Swank's diet? Why would the OMS website moderator quote 20g then? I'm sorry but I find these inconsistencies very confusing.

As for the bone broth, I don't really want to eat it, but, again the information on this website is confusing - I'm referring to an answer to a FAQ question about gelatin capsules: "Gelatin is not a problem in relation to MS. While it is an animal product it contains no saturated fat. " So if gelatin is OK, then how come bone broth with 0g sat fat is not - for the sake of argument, it just doesn't make any sense.

The answer to a FAQ question about excessive weight loss: "If you find that you continue to lose weight or are losing too much weight, we would recommend that you increase your intake of high calorie foods such as avocados, potatoes, rice, nuts and fruit." I am very underweight (although eat lots of potatoes and fruit) but have been limiting avocados (not more than 1 a day) and nuts because they are high in saturated fats. After reading this I feel like throwing the whole saturated fat counting out the window and eating as many avocados and nuts a day as I want.

Maybe I'm the only one here who's confused and frustrated :?
I think the gelatin answer is in relation to that found on capsules which people may have to take because that's their medication. Bone broth is not the same.
Sweet potatoes are great for calorie density, cooked split lentils are a great sauce thickner.
Counting fat shouldn't be necessary but isn't a bad idea initially to get a feel for what you regularly consume. Later I'll find the post where George talks about the reasoning.
This shouldn't be frustrating, it's about making decisions with the knowledge read and applying it to what we do.
Thank you, Veg, for your voice of reason! I've been counting saturated fat like crazy and I think I've been a bit too strict with myself. I agree with you on bone broth, I was just confused by contradictory info. I would appreciate any posts by George.
Thank you for your kindness and understanding! Obviously I'm going through a bit of a crisis - I'm still a 100% believer in OMS.
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