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This is a newly published book about diet and brain health. The author has a background in neurology and nutrition, focusing on Alzheimer's prevention. However she says the principles involved can be applied to brain health in general.

I'm only part way through at the moment but it's an engaging read. So far a lot of it accords with the OMS diet - a lot of vegetables, fish, omega 3s, eating real food over processed food. She does recommend some meat and dairy, with a maximum 13 grams per day sat fat (preferably 7).

She is also quite clear that eggs are a brain healthy food and recommends up to two eggs a week. She points out they are low in saturated fat She says eggs contain choline, which is used by the brain to memorise information and learn from experience. They are also high in omega 3s.

To be honest I've not been following OMS for long but I've already gone right off the taste of eggs - so I'm not likely to take up eating them again (poached egg on avo toast is a fond memory but would probably be less pleasant in reality now). Though in situations where it's hard to find something I can eat I don't think I'll sweat it if something I have ordered contains egg. For example today I ordered a vegan burger. Somehow the pub heard "beef" and my friend and I had to wait an extra ten minutes for vegan burgers to be produced. When they came they were in brioche buns which I happen to know contain egg. I ate it and didn't make a fuss. I think diet anxiety is probably more harmful to my brain than the odd egg here and there.
Update: I ate an egg. From Friday-Saturday I climbed Mount Toubkal in North Africa. We had a chef with us who produced all kinds of excellent food and there was often fish on the salad plate. But when he produced a tagine full of Berber omelette (basically eggs poached in an onion/tomato sauce - very like Shakshuka) i couldn't resist eating one. I just felt like it was what I needed at the time and I felt good after.

I guess climbing a mountain requires a lot of energy, a lot of muscle and probably a bit of extra protein. Over the course of the weekend there were also dishes with lentils and white beans, the food really was incredible and very OMS-friendly on the whole. I'm sure even with the egg my sat fat was very low.

I'm wondering whether to re-introduce the odd egg into my diet. Dr Mosconi thinks they are the best brain food. Surely they do more good than harm?
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