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New to Diet - Grocery Shopping List ideas?

PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2011 1:33 pm
by jodi424
Good morning everyone,

I was diagnosed in January of 2008 and just now am discovering Professor Jelinek's program. When I was first diagnosed, I did not have any long-lasting symptoms. Over the past two years I have experienced a slow decline in strength and mobility in my left leg - once a long distance runner, I can barely walk 1/4 mile without having to stop. I am determined to take control and try to regain my activity level. I am very excited to begin the journey, as is my family as we see hope in everything we have read. I am slowly transforming my pantry at home to meet the dietary requirements outlined in the book. I am curious as to everyone's examples/tips on shopping lists for the grocery store? I have an 18 month old daughter and husband at home to think of as well when planning meals and snacks.

I have printed the recipes from the website and will be incorporating those while weaning the family off of meat and dairy. Thank you in advance and I am really looking forward to this.

Take care.

Re: New to Diet - Grocery Shopping List ideas?

PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2011 8:02 pm
by veg

For us we prefer Fairtrade Rice milk which also has calcium from seaweed in it too. I can't stand the soya stuff personally. This rice milk is best served chilled from the fridge.
Our shopping list is rather dull/simple, taste buds change so much that plain food becomes very tasteful. There are some great recipes on this site though.

So shopping list is plenty veg, rice, potatoes and say salmon/mackeral and cans of mixed beans to use in meals. Breakfast is usually oat based. Snacks are for example home made banana bread, nuts and fruit.

The biggest change is learning to cook without relying on oil, and there are posts on oil less frying to help you change.

Re: New to Diet - Grocery Shopping List ideas?

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 3:02 am
by patries
HI there,
the first time I went shopping on the new diet, it took me over an hour. I make menus for the week to make things easier. I find that my meals are becoming very simple, we eat more raw food, and we enjoy the taste of food in a less altered state.

Here is what we eat and my kids eat MORE now on this diet (they are 6 and 9yrs)

egg white omelet, toast with olive oil spray, fruit
cream of wheat, maple syrup, slivered almonds, dried cranberries
soy yogurt and granola, fruit
bagel with peanut butter, fruit
almond milk and cereal (we all now prefer almond milk to cow's milk, it was an easy change)

in my coffee, i have found the perfect mix - almond milk, a bit of soy creamer and 1/4 t cocoa

salads with fruit and nuts using arugula, spinach, dark greens
sardines, trout and herring with various toppings
tortilla shell with chopped vegetables rolled up

usually dinner is 2 vegetables with rice or potato or bread in many forms. I add shrimp, all kinds of small fish and I still eat fat free ground turkey breast on occasion.
i have been working on cheese-less pizza, I am not there yet.

Not eating cheese has been a drastic change but it is a trigger for me, so I cannot eat it. I still buy a little cheese for my husband and kids, but they are no longer even asking for anything with cheese.

(I still have my shopping list from last week with about 50 items on it, if you would like me to have it, you can PM me and I will type it in an email. )

Re: New to Diet - Grocery Shopping List ideas?

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 8:35 am
by catriona
Make sure your shopping includes plenty of ideas for snacks! Fatty food takes longer to digest, so a low saturated fat diet can mean you get hungry much more quickly than you're used to between meals. Snacks can include fruit and raw veg (mmm carrots), air-popped popcorn, nuts (alonds are my favourite) and dried fruit. I also have a few more typical snacks - not sure where you're based, so brands may vary, but I sometimes have Eat Natural bars (dried fruit, nuts, honey and puffed rice) or Sesame Snaps (sesame seeds and honey).

Re: New to Diet - Grocery Shopping List ideas?

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 10:05 am
by **serabee**
Thanks very much for posting your question, OP. I've just been diagnosed in the last six months and am switching over to the diet recommended by Prof Jelinek. So far, I've been doing it for 1.5 weeks and I am not missing meat or cheese, getting use to milk alternatives! : )

Re: New to Diet - Grocery Shopping List ideas?

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 11:05 am
by melhelany
I totally agree op - great idea for us newbies. My husband and I've been doing it for 2 weeks now and I find there is loads of yummy food to eat.
I'm still breastfeeding my 6mth old son so convenience is v important! I have a few cheats already... 90sec microwave bags of brown rice, sour dough for tuna sandwiches, soy yoghurt and frozen berries for smoothies I make up the night before for brekky.

But above all else we buy loads and loads of fresh fruit and veg from our Sunday markets.
My sweet treat this weekend is going to be oven baked pears drizzles with redwine and honey. Yummo!
I look forward to being on the journey with you :-)... And everyone else of course ;)

Re: New to Diet - Grocery Shopping List ideas?

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 1:25 pm
by jodi424
Thank you everyone! These are great tips and ideas - I went to the store last night and actually, had a ton of fun "discovering" all the goodies I wouldn't normally have purchased. I am based in Connecticut in the US so our summer market won't get started up for another few weeks and I am looking forward to buying fresh veggies from our local farmers. I think I will miss cheese the most and I see there are alot of veggie/protein meat alternatives that I will try.

So, sour dough bread is OK? And as far as oils go - when I am reading the ingreidents of a food I am unsure of, is soybean oil good, or canola? I thought the book said no....just extra virgin olive oil. I love the 15 minute rice, frozen berries to keep on hand. Patries - I love love loveyour coffee combo!! And thanks for mentioning almond milk, we have never tried that.

And melhelany....awesome sweet treat idea! I do lik to experiment with recipes in the kitchen and I feel so inspried. Thank you again.

Re: New to Diet - Grocery Shopping List ideas?

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 5:24 pm
by Alex
I don't trouble myself if there is a little oil in something. You can tell if it was fried or not by the total fat.

I go to a Japanese market and buy vegetable "gyoza", aka pot stickers. I then put them in the microwave and they are a wonderful savory snack. Their first ingredient is cabbage and they're usually low in fat. But do check the label.

For a good snack, toast a bagel and put flax oil and salt on it. After a while, you'll think you're eating butter. I have to find some marmite and try that!

I eat oatmeal for breakfast. It's healthy, cheap and sticks to your gut.

On weekends, I make pancakes with the kids and yes, I use Canola oil in the batter, but dry fry them just fine.

Soy or rice ice cream is a great dessert when you need it, as are Popsicles (ice lollies).

try experimenting with lentils. I take lentils, black beans and a box of seasoned rice and cook them all for about 45 mins, then add tomatoes, cilantro, etc. I wrap that in a flat bread and take it for lunch.