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Hello, All,

I'm new to this board and this dietary approach toward managing MS.

I am having a hecka time with finding new ways to eat. In addition to avoiding gluten, corn, dairy, meat, and eggs, I have food sensivities and they are contributing to food intake limitations. I'm losing weight but not in a good way. Who'd have ever thought I'd gripe about this! haha

So, I was just wondering what a typical food menu day might look like for others?

Breakfast, lunch, snack, supper...anything you might share would be greatly appreciated.

All best,

P. S. I can share this tidbit, at least, FWIW,

I start the day with a hemp milk smoothie (2 heaping spoonsful of hemp protein powder, hemp milk, frozen berries, a couple of frozen banana slices). I am really digging the hemp milk! Good stuff and it's not sweetened with cane sugar..but rice syrup.
Most of us eat gluten and corn, so it's probably easier. I eat oatmeal with sugar, salt and flax oil. For lunch, I eat a burrito made of lentils, black beans, rice onions and tomatoes, wrapped in lavash bread. I eat an apple, orange, carrot and celery plus a salad. For dinner, I usually have can of sardines, rice and miso soup. On the weekend, I have spaghetti, sushi, Udon noodles, pancakes and more fish.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Sadie, you might want to check out this post, lots of ideas:

Breakfast for me is almost always porridge, made with water not milk, with a handful of seeds, a handful of frozen berries and a spoon of unrefined demerara sugar mixed in.
Lunch is often either a salad (beans, rice, pasta or cous-cous with veg) or leftovers (like veg soup or vegan chilli).
Dinner varies the most - typically either fish or skinless boneless chicken with carbs (potatoes or rice) and plenty of veg.
Snacks are fruit, raw carrots, air-popped popcorn, sesame snaps.
I find I need to snack more than I used to - I think because our bodies digest low fat food more quickly
@sadie-- I just looked up Hemp Milk on the internet..sounds really yummy...but expensive. Where do you purchase yours from?

Im in the U.S.

njmom wrote: @sadie-- I just looked up Hemp Milk on the internet..sounds really yummy...but expensive. Where do you purchase yours from?

Im in the U.S.


Have you a Trader Joe's nearby? It's more reasonably priced at TJs ($2.99 per container?)
Whole Foods sometimes has sales, too and then I stock up like mad because I am schlukking it everyday!
Best to you,
Hi All!
Thanks for starting this thread Gina... I get so much from these forums that has helped me with diet.

I suffer from IBS and am currently on an elimination diet to identify food sensitivities. So for me it’s no onion, garlic, chilli, citrus, other certain fruits, corn, broccoli, cabbage and other certain vegetables, nuts, seeds, carbonated drinks, caffeine or alcohol. In addition, I have to maintain a high level of fibre while avoiding gluten rich foods and eat 6 small-ish meals a day.

Breakfast is either Weetbix and Rice Milk or 2 pieces of wholemeal toast with flaxseed oil and Vegemite and a piece of fruit as I walk out the door.

Lunch is consistently a large salad of mixed salad greens, snow or sugar peas, carrot and apple with 1 spoon of EVOO and 2 spoons of Balsamic.

I have 2 dinners most nights (meals #5 + #6 ;) ), one around 6pm as soon as I get home from work and a second around 8.30pm. They could be any of the following, white fish or salmon and vegies, roasted veggies tossed with a handful of gluten free pasta and baby spinach, udon noodle soup with thinly cut vegetables and prawns, stir fried vegies/Asian greens with oyster sauce ginger and soy on white rice/Pad Thai noodles or bruscetta pizza on a wholemeal pita base (Thanks to Shelley [MSR] for this idea!). When I want a special treat I have cooked crab and salad.

My morning and afternoon ‘meals’ are usually a piece of fruit with a couple of rice crackers (not the puffed rice kind) or a piece of fruit with a piece of wholemeal toast with honey or flaxseed oil and vegemite.

I drink water during the day but at night time I have a large icey glass of cranberry juice mixed with water.

Needless to say, I never feel hungry! I have been on the program for 12 weeks, my IBS has settled down to almost non-existent and I have lost 20kg (44 pounds). Shamefully, to get to a healthy weight range I still would need to lose more weight so weight loss is not concerning to me at this time.

Your smoothie sounds great! I going to give it a go when banana’s become affordable in Australia again.


thanks, I do have a Trader Joes very close by.

@ TraceyP -- do you know where I can find the recipe for bruscetta pizza??? Although, I have not found a pita base without added oils here in the US>

Anyone, know of any???
The wholemeal pita I try to use is from Middle Eastern Bakery (Melbourne Aust) but have used other with similar content. Label information as follows


I cook the pita with tomato paste base in oven for 8ish minutes until crisp and turn the oven off. (Shelley's idea)

The topping 'recipe' is loose to say the least :D

2 x Roma tomatos - diced
1 x handfull of chopped baby spinch
12 ish basil leaves chopped
1 x teasspoon of chopped oregano
1 x spoon of EVOO
1 good pinch of ground rocksalt

Mix all in a bowl and spread over cooked pizza base.

Cold pizza toppings wig me out so I return the whole thing to the turned off oven for 5 minutes so the tomato reaches a warm temperature and then eat!!

@ njmom and TraceyP - I also sometimes add spanish (red) onion or some avocado to my bruschetta if in need of a change - Mmmm!
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