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I thought it would be nice to start another one of these topics, I always like to see what everyone else is eating!

Breakfast: Porridge with sultanas, rice milk and brown sugar. Multigrain toast with flaxseed oil and marmite.
Lunch: "Wendy" sandwich at my local cafe - good brown bread, sweet chilli sauce, hummus and lots of salad with avocado.
Dinner: Roasted gnocchi with tomatoes, red pepper, garlic, black olives, parsley, a little flaxseed oil poured over and a nice glass of red wine
Snacks: Banana and wheat germ muffin or two, orange, corn crackers with hummus, espresso coffee, peppermint tea, small glass of rice milk with 30 ml flaxseed oil.

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Great idea,

freshly squeezed orange juice from tree in garden plus two tablespoons of flaxseed oil
smoothy of banana, kiwi fruit, defrosted berry combination, drop of agave syrup and rice milk

two Teresa cutter recipe Earth Burgers on a bed of baked beans.

red salmon thai curry using fresh broccoli, snow peas, corriander, parsley, dill picked from garden, with onions, ginger, soy milk, coconut essence, cornflour & rice flour to thicken, and a tin of John West red salmon added right at the end
glass of red wine

handfuls of almonds and dates
filtered water
cup of dilmah tea

How could you go back to eating normal tripe?

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Home made muesli with apple juice, short black coffee

Lentil curry soup, roasted beetroot and carrots leftover from yesterday

Dahl with broccoli, carrots, corn
Seeded bread

Dates x 4 - the biggest, softest, most delectables dates you ever did see. Positively decadent!

Apples x 2

Tingletingle, you are right ... how could we ever go back to our old eating habits?!!!


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I like this thread too even if it does make me appear very very greedy:
breakfast - porridge made with water
mid morning snacks - two pieces of fruit
lunch - leek and potato soup, pitta bread with hummus, home made pesto, and loads of salad
mid afternoon - more fruit
dinner -( all oms friendly )mushroom risotto or an indian meal with lentil stew or wholegrain rice, fish stew with rice or pasta etc; etc;
dessert - soy yoghurt and fruit compote
supper - toast with flaxseed oil and blue berry jam
Told you I have a very good appetite. I just love being able to eat so much lovely healthy food.
Yesterday's food...

Breakfast: muesli with blueberries, linseed oil and apple juice
Lunch: tinned red salmon and cucumber sandwich (on brown bread)
Dinner: homemade bean burgers, with alfalfa and broccoli sprouts, on burger buns

Snacks: 1 x satsuma, 1 x banana, air-popped popcorn with a little salt
I have to say,I'd love to hire any of you as my cook!

Breakfast-vanilla hemp protein powder diluted with water, chia seeds, raisins and cranberries, banana,flax oil

Lunch-sardines,chopped veggies

Supper-salmon,grilled veggies

Snacks-fruit,almonds,dried fruit

Teena Marie
Hi! For me today:

Breakfast - two pieces of toast with Vegemite and flaxseed oil, English breakfast tea with soy
Supplements - 5000iu vitamin D, B12,(zinc and, iodine and folate - just temporary)
Snack- handful cashews
Lunch - leftover angel hair pasta with olive oil, lemon, lentils, spinach and flaked smoked salmon
Snack - two mandarines, homemade choc oat biscuits (with whole meal flour, lsa and golden syrup)
Dinner - fillet of salmon (cooked by hubby) with baked potatoes drizzled before serving with flax and oregano (no veggies! The crisper was bare!)

Fruit and vege shopping for me tomorrow. I swear my colleagues must think I feed a family of ten, not two people. We go trough so many fresh ingredients, as well as dry and tinned ones! :)
Breakfast: oats, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, falaxseeds, milled flax seed, flax oil, chopped peach, stewed rhubarb with prunes (no sugar)
Lunch: homemade leek, potato, onion and chard soup with left over veg in it, pumpkin seeds, asparagus spears chopped and some baked beans all together made 600ml of stuff
Dinner: brown rice, grilled cashews, pile of veg stir fried (in water) with raisons
Snacks: 2 fat fresh dates, 5 raddish, 6 cherries, homemade banana and date loaf 2 slices, homemade flat bread toasted with chopped olive 4, several satsumas, date raison and cashew bar, raw broad beans
Wow, what a great thread. I eat sardines, rice and miso soup about 3-4 times per week and the same lunch 5x weekly.

But this weekend:

Saturday: Breakfast, Raisin bran with Soy Milk. Lunch - Tuna on whole wheat. Dinner - pizza with seafood, onions, tomatoes and spinach. Dinner

Sunday: Breakfast, Porridge with soy milk and sugar, lunch: Salad, Dinner - California roll + Miso soup (all homemade and delicious with company and family)

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Breakfast - My green drink smoothie and a handful of raw almonds. I have the same thing everyday for breakfast.

Lunch - Rice and beans with pico de gallo and guacamole.

Dinner - Peanut butter/veggie casserole with wild rice from my cookbook - The Urban Vegan.

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