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I just wanted to share a great link that someone forwarded my way. This is a woman in the United States who blogs about eating healthy, and provides a lot of OMS friendly recipes. Every recipe that I have tried from this website has been DELICIOUS! (Even the ones that, as I was making them, I thought "there is no way this can taste good).

The Red Rainbow Pad Thai, Black Bean Quinoa Salad, and Raw Taco Salad for Two are my favorites so far, and there had been nothing I have made from her that I did not like.

Here is the link: http://ohsheglows.com/
I use her recipes a lot.
Like the site, some interesting ideas (a few tweaks needed for some) but gives ideas and photos are good.
Would need to add more things to me cupboard, plenty seeds I don't have.
Might pick one dish out and try it and take it from there, easy to get in a rut so to have a couple extra for the odd change would be good.
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