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I'm a bit confused about the recipes on here.

A lot of them have sugar and stuff that I've been trying to avoid.

I'm assuming they are just occasional recipes (mainly in the desserts section)

Do most people try to avoid sugar as much as possible?
I do and if I do have it it is unrefined.
Hi there,
what are you referring to as "stuff"?
Every recipe is vetted by our Moderator to make certain it is OMS compliant.
And yes the recipes that contain sugar are used in moderation and often there are natural sweetening substitutes eg agave nectar ,honey ,organic maple syrup that can be used instead. If you are unsure of the quantity say so, and people are always willing to help as there are some real foodies on this site!
Some people keep a food diary to identify if they find sugar inflammatory to their individual condition as it is known to be inflammatory but some people are more sensitive to it than others. However it is not any way near as bad as saturated fat and altered states of oil etc
But please define "stuff" because these recipes are "well put together"....
Rose x
It was mainly sugar but also olive oil- I know that we can use it a bit, but I was a bit worried about heating it in some of the recipes.....?

So honey, maple syrup and agave is unrefined is it? I also saw some granulated sugar the other day that claimed to be unrefined. Do you know anything about this too?

Loving the recipes btw. I just haven't quite got round to trying lots of them yet - it's all a lot to get your head round at first isn't it...!

V excited about eating biscuits again x
Some recipes use olive oil for baking. Olive oil is safe to use at baking temperature only. There seems to be varying opinions at what temperature the oven should reach, but reading over past posts most people heat their oven around 150C.You can read over past posts to get other opinions as well.
Some people fry with it, and it has been suggested to add a little water to the pan to prevent the temperature from getting too high. Ideally dry frying is the safest way to cook if you are needing to fry. If you put "dry fry" in the search box you will get some good posts to read on the subject.

‘Good sugars’ are sometimes known as unrefined sugars. Though that is a little misleading. In almost every instance, they have been slightly refined during their processing (but nowhere near as much as refined sugars). Because of this, unrefined sugars are often referred to as raw sugars.

The biggest benefit of raw sugar is that it retains many of the nutrients that it had before its minimal processing. This means that there is actually a reason to put it in your body other than just its taste. A few of these nutrients include phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, & potassium.

Another reason that unrefined sugars are better than refined sugars is because they haven’t been extensively processed. No chemicals are used in processing so there is no chance that you’ll be consuming something that is dangerous to your body. In addition, the bone char step is also discarded (since the sugar doesn’t need to be unnaturally bleached).

Raw honey & raw maple syrup are two excellent examples of raw sugars. Obviously they can’t be used in everything but they do make an excellent sugar substitute in many cases. If you drink coffee or tea, just think about how many spoonful’s of sugar you could cut from your daily diet if you used a small quirt of honey as a sweetener instead.
Rose x
That is very helpful Rose. Thanks v much.
I am still having honey and agave in my tea, and was thinking I should cut it out, but with everything else at the same time, I am building up to it. I have a very sweet tooth. Eating lots of dates and making sticky date/nut/seed bars at the moment to satisfy my craving but am now wondering whether I should cut it out so my tastes change a bit to be less sugary..!
This is the advice on page 283 in the book:
'a plant based wholefoods diet plus seafood.... preferably avoiding refined foods, as well as avoiding saturated and altered fats except those that come naturally in plant products'.

White sugar is very highly refined (I believe agave nectar is too despite the 'healthy' marketing) - raw sugar is a more healthy choice. However honey and maple syrup are the most natural products, very little is done to get the honey or syrup into the jar once the bees and maple trees have done their stuff.

To put all this into perspective - if we are not eating all that high fat, high sugar, high salt processed food - we are really not eating much sugar anyway!

Some people choose to avoid sugar or gluten too, however the OMS recommendations are only to avoid saturated fat wherever possible, and do not go as far as saying no to sugar or gluten.
Thanks Wendy. Yes the only sugar I am having really is in my tea. And dried fruit. And I am eating soy yoghurts which I think are quite sugary too. Although compared to my previous daily chocolate habit, probably not that bad!! Honey it is then!! X
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