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Very sadly the creator of this page has had to take it down because some people complained that some recipes were not completely OMS friendly.

It's true that a few weren't BUT if a recipe was posted that wasn't 100% correct it was always highlighted. It was then brought to people's attention that some changes would need to be made so the recipe would comply with OMS guidelines. I always thought this was very clear.

I'm really sorry that this page has gone as I used it a lot to get ideas. I'd urge the creator to put it back up but maybe make it even clearer when things needed tweaking.

What a shame. I used many of the recipes, tweaking where necessary. I thought it was inspiring. Please bring it back.

I found the 'What We Eat...' Facebook page a really useful resource and any recipes that weren't 100% OMS friendly were always flagged up. It is a shame that the creator has felt the need to take it down.

It begs the question, [i]who[i] has complained about it? As OMSers, we are obviously concerned that we are eating correctly, but we also know that this takes effort on our part, and that often means adjusting recipes and thinking for ourselves.

To the creator, please reinstate the page - we love it!

To the complainer(s), please take some responsibility for your own diet! No-one is going to hand everything - perfectly OMS - to you on a plate ('scuse the pun...)

Totally agree Sophie and Rachel. I'm really disappointed it's gone. I used it for inspiration and ideas. Always willing to adapt recipes accordingly. Not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things......

Please bring it back!! X
Totally agree with Rachel. It was always clear recipes had to be adapted! Every time I find a nice recipe I check it out to see if it can be adapted.

Hope it comes back soon
Damn! It was a great source for ideas. Hope it comes back. Of course some of the recipes needed tweaking! If you weren't willing to experiment you just needed to avoid the ones that were flagged! Very disappointed...
Some people are never happy and just have to find something to complain about! Annoying!
Yes please to whoever has the power - please bring back this terrific resource. Does anyone know who actually runs it?

I have just found this blog, looks very promising on first glance.
noooooooooo I loved this site when the posts used to pop up on my face book account it gave my so many ideas of thing to do some time you get stuck doing the same old things.you would think that living on this program you be used to making the small changes that sometimes have to be made on most recipes. please please please bring it back.
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