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Hi everyone,

Natalie Harvey here - I am the 'creator' of the 'What We Eat' page on Facebook.

Please note, the page will come back up soon. I just need a few days to make some changes. It was my personal choice to remove the page for a little while, but not because of the feedback. I understand that some people might feel confused if they click on a recipe link and find that the original recipe contains some ingredients/cooking methods which should be avoided. My number one concern was that not everyone was reading the notes I make i.e. saute in water, not oil. Etc Etc. I hated thinking that I might be putting someone's health at risk.

I started the page a little over a year ago, when I wanted to share the recipes I come across with others. All the recipes I find are ones that I would cook for Paul and I, and although we have been following the programme for 2 and a half years now, I am still learning. I do spend a lot of time scrolling the internet for suitable recipes, but it is often a case of finding a great recipe that needs a little tweaking to be OMS friendly.

Gary (OMS UK) and I had a good chat this morning and discussed the changes that we can make to avoid future confusion.

Thank you to everyone for the support in bringing back the page.

Natalie :)
Another vote for bringing the page back. I always felt the notes were clear. It was also a great link to forward to family and friends who wanted ideas when entertaining me. :) Made the diet seem glamorous rather than dreary to loved ones who were trying to understand. Until there is a serious base of gorgeously photographed OMS recipes we have to make due with adaptations.
That's just brilliant Natalie SO happy about that.

I can understand your concern about not wanting to cause anyone any harm by them not following OMS properly through possibly misreading the recipes, but, we're on this lifestyle for LIFE. So we all need to be exploring recipes to suit our personal tastes and adjusting them to make whatever's out there OMS friendly as a matter of course. And you were so helpful with that.

I actually love typing a few ingredients into Google recipes and getting recipe suggestions to suit (maybe dependant on what's in the veggie box that week). But I'd say the majority are not strictly OMS so changes have to be made - some are simply no goes but most can be altered.

I think when you're following this lifestyle for the long term you need to know some 'handy hints' re substitutions etc. Or as you say in there case of frying - JUST DON'T!!

Thanks again for all your hard work on this site and look forward to its relaunch :) xx

Hi Natalie

Thank you so much for clarifying! Your page is fantastic and you have done a great job pulling all the recipes together. Thank you. I look forward to its return!

Rachel :)
Hi Natalie

Thank you so much for creating 'What We Eat' on facebook. It's been such a good resource for us. And a special thank you, too, for reassuring us that you will be back! You've made my day! Again!

Ruth (all smiles now!)

I'm so happy to read that "what we eat" will soon return to the website! Thank you for all you do (past present and future).


So glad to hear the facebook page will be coming back! I use is often and it has been a great
resource for me. Hope you and Paul are doing well. Missed you in March!!
So glad to hear that the page will be coming back up soon! I was so sad this morning when I tried getting to it and suddenly realized that it was gone...

This page was my number one resource for new recipes, can't wait to consult it again ;)

Thanks again Natalie =D
Just made the banana bread recipe from the link veg put up. V v v easy and v v v delish!! I ate it warm drizzled with a little honey. Lovely!! Great website veg thanks for posting x
Hi OMSers and Natalie.

Natalie here (obviously a different one). My partner was diagnosed at the end of last year - we got on to OMS almost immediately (although, we went to Laos for three weeks the day after he was diagnosed - so swank for the first three weeks)...

We've created a blog to keep track of our OMS food attempts. Our photos aren't as lovely as the ones on the what we eat page, - but we're trying! We'd love any feedback.

The link is below.

Cheers - Nat and Matt
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