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Hi Guys;

It's my birthday next week and I'm craving cheesecake. I found the Deliciously Ella recipe that someone posted on this site before, but it has bananas in it and I can't stand the taste of banana.

Anyway, I found this recipe: http://www.recipecommunity.com.au/desse ... kes/176382. I can easily substitute the coconut milk for another plant-based milk/touch of coconut essence, but I'm not sure how to do without the coconut oil. It's not a lot - can I just remove it completely? I've never cooked with coconut oil in my life, so I've no idea how much the texture or taste will change without it.

Thanks for any advice!

CB :)
As the recipe is frozen (not cooked) I would use flaxseed oil instead of coconut oil, and use a smidge more coconut essence.

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I wonder if making a milled flaxseed wet mixture might give a firmer frozen texture
I found this one on this forum (I think):
http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipe/l ... cake-quot/

and have made my own version of it a couple of times already (and pleasantly fooled omnivores with it). My adjustments: I left out the almond extract (because I don't have any), instead I use some vanilla, I use the almond butter instead of tahini. Instead of 1/3 cup sugar, I use two to three tablespoons of (raw cane) sugar, because I don't care for things that are too sweet. I add 1 tablespoon of soy yoghurt (for a bit more acidity). And a few times I did add one egg white.
I don't get Graham Crackers, so for the crust I altered one of Miyoko Schinner's recipes (from her wonderful vegan cheese book): 7 dates, half a cup of walnuts and half a cup of oats, plus some vanilla essence (in the blender)
I actually have one waiting in the fridge for tonight (to this one I did add some dried red fruits to the mix)...and it is dead easy to make
Hey, I recently posted my OMS cheesecake recipe on this topic. Guydb posted a cheesecake recipe and here you can find my cookies idea.

There's no oil in this recipe. I prefer substituting oil in recipes with other non-oil ingredients (e.g. egg whites, agave syrup) and where the recipe says 1 egg, I use 1 eggwhite and 1 tbsp (or sometimes 1/2 tbsp, depending on other ingredients) of olive oil...

Hope this recipe helps
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