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This is my first OMS Christmas. My sister is cooking dinner and she is keen to find something that I will enjoy and that maybe everyone else can share too. Does anyone have a recipe for a meatloaf alternative? Or something similar?

Many thanks!
Hilary x
There is a complete OMS dinner menu to help it is on the OMS blog I think
Thanks veg - loads of ideas on that page!

Hilary x
I think that I might make myself some stuffed portobello mushrooms this year, I quite like the look of this menu (minus the dessert and I would cook without oil).
Jen x

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Hi Hilary,

Try this loaf - I've made it several times and it tastes even better with half parnips and half parsley root (if you can get it where you are). http://s198097828.websitehome.co.uk/veg ... ecipe.html

All the best,
I forgot to say with less or no oil, of course!
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