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Does anybody have any suggestions for good filling sandwiches?

Obviously there are various fish things that would do, e.g. tinned tuna, sardines or mackerel in acceptable sauces and crab.

Other things I can think of are marmite, hummus and guacamole, though these are not really filling enough on their own.

Most of these could be combined with salad of course.

What else do people fill their sandwiches with?
I made some nice sweet potato falafel and hummus wraps a while ago which were lovely and filling. I will try and find the recipe for you. They keep in the fridge/freezer for a while and are handy to throw into a salad as well.

Lentil pate (red lentils and sweet potato mash really).
Idea here for mashing up chickpeas and avocado as a sandwich filling with salad, plenty of protein.

Could use other beans or lentils - cannelini beans would be nice mashed with tuna too!

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Any blended spiced up beans.
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