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Hi. I'm a newbie. Does anyone have a week or maybe 2-3 day meal plan you could share? Something to make shopping and prep more coordinated and easy to follow as I get started? I'm a working mom of 7 year old twins with a husband from Mexico who lives on quesadillas and tacos. Overwhelmed to say the least!
Hi and welcome!

Have look at the thread "Today's menu - add yours" and you'll find lots of tips.

All the best,
I will check out that thread. The recipe section is great. I am just struggling with kerping my budget in line for groceries and the varying needs in my house. I look forward to having some time under my belt and being able to quickly create meal plans.
It is this thread.
Cooking gets easier and you could be able to adapt what your husband likes just for example he will need to add the cheese to it at the table.
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