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So.... The wife and kids wanted takeaway tonight... So I wasn't left out, I cooked up a lovely pizza.
Base ingredients were;

Simple strong flour, yeast and water..

Homemade tomato sauce comprising of tinned tomatoes, garlic, basil and seasoning... A bit of olive oil, but what would equate to next to nothing for each serving.

Topping was, sun dried tomatoes, anchovies, chilli, onion, pepper, piquante peppers and a bit more basil.

It was truly gorgeous.. Even without the cheese!

I can join in on takeaway night!

Only downer is the flour was white, but I don't see this as a big problem.

What do you think?
Sounds very mouth watering
Sounds great.

We regularly have home made pizza.

Zucchini, olives, spinach and salmon also make very tasty toppings.

I can't imagine having pizza with cheese and meet anymore... ;)
You could also sprinkle nutrional yeast flakes over the pizza as a cheese substitute!
Rose x
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