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Hi, I've always tried to find healthy approximations of the things I liked before, so I'm trying to come up with an OMS safe version of a baked Pizza, can anyone make any suggestions? I'm a little confused about all of it really, what to make the dough out of, what to use as a creative alternative to cheese, compiling a good list of safe healthy toppings etc. Any ideas? :)
Pizza dough is fine just make sure it is dairy free.
Pizza is nicer without cheese. Onions, peppers, tomato, garlic, leaves, basil, chillies, olives, anchovu, seafood. You are not limited but liberated without cheese.
Sainsburys (UK) do some ready-made pizza bases that are dairy-free and made with EVOO. You can then just top them with your favourite veggies/seafood.

And I echo what Veg says; enjoy the pizza cheese-free, rather than searching for a cheese substitute. I actually prefer pizza like this now as you can actually taste the other ingredients.

That sounds great, thanks for the replies and topping suggestions! :) I wasn't sure about the pizza bases being ok (as long as they're dairy free) I thought maybe there'd be something else in them I couldn't have, and I'd have to make them myself from scratch like I've been doing with bread. I'll check out the Pizza bases in Sainsburys, and make them without the cheese, thank you! Anyone got any favourite topping combos?
http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/gro ... a-bases-x2

These are the Sainabury's pizza bases.

Toppings-wise, I love mushroom and artichoke and red onion!
I wouldn't bother with cheese substitutes either. You can make a really tasty pizza without cheese.
Lebanese flat breads make good pizzs bases.

I make a soy cashew yoghurt and sour it with salt and lemon juice. Then I drizzel it over pizza mmmmmm.....
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Some of my non MS friends now order their pizza without cheese, after trying one of my pizzas. They now enjoy the flavours of the toppings instead of eating just oily, burnt cheese flavoured pizzas.
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Yes I used to think it was all about the cheese. It is a whole different experience cheese-free.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Other things to look out for in ready made bases same as anything, dairy and palm oil sorting to mind.
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