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Wow, this all brilliant information thank you! Theres a Sainsburys fairly nearby too so I'll be getting those pizza bases thanks Rachel. I thought I'd have to make them from scratch as I've been making spelt bread and I thought I had no alternative. It actually makes a lot of sense now ditching the cheese altogether to better appreciate the flavour of the other ingredients, thanks for all the delicious toppings suggestions too, I'm really looking forward to experimenting now! :)
Well I had a look in Sainsburys but I couldn't find the Pizza base that Rachel showed me, I think I'd need to order that one online. I asked about a dairy free pizza base though and they had this one in store...


It's product page is here:

http://www.geniusglutenfree.com/en_gb/p ... izza-bases
The full ingredients list is there, does it look ok? I notice it uses egg white so that should be ok, I just don't know about some of the other ingredients, like rapeseed oil.
Pizza dough is a simple, straightforward recipe, that you can make in advance, and keep chilled in the fridge.

I'll look up the ones I use when I get home, and add links to this post.

I make a quadrupled batch, use some when I want a pizza or calazone, (pizza turnover), and keep the rest in either plastic wrap, or parchment/ wax paper in an old 1 gallon icecream tub on the bottom shelf of the fridge, it will last a week or two, as long as you keep the air off it.
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I agree with Farrier. Making your own pizza dough is really straightforward. Once made, you can freeze it in portions and then it's quick as well.

I use a modified version of this recipe:

http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/chee ... zxmiuuA.97

I use much less yeast (less than half a sachet rather than the two suggested) and I also bake the pizza base with no topping until it's firm and then add toppings and bake again to get a crispier base.
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Just made pizza 40 minutes start to eating, it was a whim.
Whisked up chickpea batter, poured some into hot solid anodised pan, as cooking that side thinly sliced up mushroom, courgette and red onion. Flipped chickpea and next as had left over cooked red lentils added home made tomato sauce to it and stirred. Put sliced veg in pan and quickly sweated them.Took out chickpea and started another off. Put grill on to warm. Flipped the second base. Put both cooked bases on grill tray and spread with lentil tomato mix then put sweated veg on and a few thin slices of fresh tomato. Grilled for about 8 minutes.
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Homemade pizzas are so much better than shop bought bases that my kids want me to open a restaurant!!

I've spoken to a few people who sell proper woodfired pizzas and the ingredient I'm missing is semolina flour. They don't have it in my local supermarket, so I might have to try further afield. Does anyone know where this can be bought in the UK?
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Look for it as Durem (sp) wheat flour, (specifically course ground)!
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Whilst I agree that homemade is better than shop bought, please remember that some people with MS perhaps don't have the time or energy to cook from scratch. Sometimes it is good to have an alternative.

Apologies for my insensitivity
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