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Please note that the publication date is 25 January 2017 - I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy. Here is my review (which you can also find on Goodreads and The Guardian Bookshop, where you can also pre-order it, and it is cheaper than Amazon):

This is a book that can really change lives, and I'm not someone who often uses hyperbole to make a point. When I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 I was lucky to find the Overcoming MS programme very quickly and then I changed my diet. It wasn't easy and it has been a more depressing experience than I have wanted to admit to myself. I had to give up on the food I had grown up with and loved - meat, cream, and that 'fat and sugar combo' that is so addictive and comforting.

The OMS Cookbook is now published and I feel I can live again. This book is more than I ever hoped for. I had reluctantly had to shelve my Nigella Lawson and Nigel Slater cook books when I adopted the OMS diet and although I had embraced the OMS lifestyle I was still grieving for the food I could no longer eat. I could only focus on what I was missing even though I put a very brave face on it. Now I have a book of recipes that I can cook and food I can really enjoy. I am inspired.

Ingrid's story that introduces the book brought tears to my eyes. She captured the feelings that I think many will recognise about how food is so central to our lives and when, for health reasons, we make big changes with the food we eat we struggle to maintain a mental equilibrium. What we choose to eat defines each one of us so fundamentally and making large changes is hard and emotionally hits us very deeply. This book is really healing.

I have to declare an interest as four or five of the 250 recipes in the book are ones I have contributed. I will continue to cook them but now I have a wonderfully wide repertoire of meals I can choose from. It is so liberating. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the book and especially to Ingrid Adelsberger who had the idea for the book and brought it to fruition.

I think this is actually a great cookbook for anyone. The recipes are healthy and nourishing for the body and the mind - I will feel creative and inspired in the kitchen again. I hope it attracts a very wide readership, it deserves to.
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I got my free copy yesterday and can't wait to have a thorough look.
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I can't wait to receive this book! I am so grateful to Ingrid for putting it together and for everyone who has generously contributed.
Had the Moroccan Style Fish Stew on page 191 last night and it was excellent.

Might try it with some chopped up dried apricot next time as I like my Moroccan stews to be fruity.
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I had an e-mail from Amazon today saying they have not got the books available yet asking me if I want to cancel the order. Hell no, I can't wait :)
Mine will be here next week - and yes a big thanks to Ingrid and the team.

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