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My OMS cookbook arrived today! Ordered from Wordery.com on the 27th. Good price and free delivery. Had a quick flick through and there's lots of tasty looking recipes. Looking forward to giving them a go. Tiramisu definitely caught my eye.
Mine's just arrived too - looks fantastic! Can't wait to try some of the recipes.
Mine has arrived too! Very pleased - am enjoying browsing through it - planning next week's meals.

[/quote]'Tiramisu definitely caught my eye.[/quote]
I have to salute that one.- I didn't know that tiramisu literally means 'pick me up'. :-D

My OMS cookbook hasn't arrived yet, but I was wondering how to replace the savoiardi (or a slimmer biscuit I also just read of, pavesini).

Someone offered me Tiramisu Oreos the other day. The mind boggles!

Hi Michael. I want to try this recipe too. Just have to wait for work hols to have the time :) . Part of the recipe is making your own sponge fingers so no stress about trying to find some oms ones. X
I live in the US and I had pre-ordered the OMS Cookbook from Barnes and Noble and I just got a notification from them saying the book is no longer scheduled to be released? Does anyone know what that's about? I checked Amazon too and it shows the book as having a release date of March 1st, but it is only available for pre-order.
First Visible Symptom: November 2016; Diagnosis: January 4, 2017; Discovered OMS: January 17, 2017.
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