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Hello all :)
I hope you are all fine. This is my first post on the OMS forum and I am very excited.
Here a little bit about my background story before I ask my question. My boyfriend has been diagnosed MS 3 years ago. We have been together for a year and I don't think he has been eating as well as he used to when we were not together. I would like to help and I do feel guilty that he had more rubbish the past year than before.
I would like to cook more and MS friendly recipes and help him as much as I can.
Would you please have a MS friendly food shopping list of food to buy/ avoid?
Thanks a lot!
There is a guide in what to eat what not to eat in the faq section.
There is an OMS cookbook or just browse the recipes members have shared in the forum.
Whole food plant based with some seafood. If it is processed in a packet always read the ingredients, if in doubt put it back on the shelf. Eat lots there of no need to go hungry there are a few snack related threads and a massive what did you eat today thread.
Start with the basics a vitamin d test, Lots of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, starches, legumes, no dairy, no meat.
Good luck and do ask questions.
Where are you living?

There are OMS compliant ingredient lists in the Location sections, depending on where you are, the lists are more or less informative.

Fish and seafood, veg, legumes. fruit, whole grains, try and avoid processed foods and foods with extra sugar, begin reading ingredient lists for hidden oils too, especially on canned foods and store made items.

There are plenty of recipes in the Recipes section, some of them use lbs or kg, but some are American recipes that use Cups, Table spoons etc.

As veg said, ask questions, read, research, repeat! You will also benefit from the change in diet, as it's a great healthy diet, you will want to look at the program as a whole though, the exercise, meditation, sunlight / vit D, and doing the best you both can for your well being!
Be well, live long and prosper!
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