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I just started making humous (see recipies for my cheat for making it quickly). Also, as mentioned above, air-popped popcorn is great.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Yum. That tomato dip sounds wonderful.

I'd like to add Humous to the lineup. It's easier than you think to make and can help with those savory cravings.

Regarding airpopped popcorn. I put the vegetable oil spray just to wet the popcorn and then I sprnkle seasoned salt on.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I see all of you are fans of savoury popcorn - I'm more of a sweet person... I sprinkle air popped popcorn with a pinch of cinnamon and shake it up - delicious!
I religiously keep to the diet and supplements and am very happy eating lots of fish, fruit and vegetables but absolutely have a need for simple snacks especially with a weekend aperitif. I’ve been dry baking bio cashews and blanched almonds at 180 degrees celsius and also eating ground nuts in their shells (“monkey nuts”) bought from supermarkets. Is dry roasting at this temperature OK and are the monkey nuts (peanuts) OK?

To help losing weight (and enjoyment) I also eat a homemade amaretto biscuits about four or five times a week made of just sugar and powdered almond and baked at 180 degrees. As I see another recipe on this site which uses these ingredients (and others) I assume this is compliant.

I always have a small container of mixed nuts and seeds with me. Also, not sure if you have them in the States, but in the UK we have Nakd cereal bars - they are gluten and dairy free, and cold pressed not baked so are extremely low in saturated fat. They are also delicious!
I live in France but have get visitors to stock up on nakd cocoa and orange which are delicious and from what my "suppliers" tell me are often sold out. From reading the list of ingredients when I first found them this was the only one which was OMS compliant.
We just discovered the yummy Nakd bars and realised some are fine for OMS. Super easy to make yourself.

150g dried fruit (dates, fig, or prunes etc)
90g cashews (or could use other nuts like almonds)
50g sultanas
20g high quality cocoa powder
Mix/chop finely and thoroughly in a food processor/mini chopper. Once get a nice paste divide mixture using teaspoons/hands into balls, flatten and place in a small silicone muffin tray. Squish into the tray so get nice neat round shapes. I then froze and next day transferred into a bag so can help yourself as needed for work lunches etc.
I have completely made up how to shape these, so do what's easiest for you. Nice little gooey, chewy, sweet, chocolatey bars.
Here in the UK there is a company which produces Nakd bars, these are raw fruit and nuts, cold pressed and not baked. No added sugars etc
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