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I really wanted something sweet today and as I was at the shop wandered past the Jelly section! So I made jelly this evening and had lovely lemon jelly with fruit:) I remember that Sandra Carbot's liver cleansing diet said that jello was a great dessert.

What does everyone thing about this??? I did get a little worried that perhaps gelatine is not the best thing to be putting in our bodies, but i'm not sure.

Ideas?????? I get so scared when trying a new sweet thing, I think i'll just stick to fruit again!
I just ate a can of Stagg Vegetarian chile. 1g fat per serving, no Sat Fat. No soy, Gluten free. It does have Natural Butter Flavor, so if you're going to worry about a few butter molecules then avoid it. But China study says not to throug out a food for a few molecules of animal protien.

And here are the rice crackers. If you're not living in the US, go to a Japanese/Oriental/Asian store and look for "Osembe", which are rice crackers.

http://www.curiousparents.com/images/ar ... age006.png

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Popcorn is my favorite snack. I air pop it and then put a little extra virgin olive oil and salt on the popped popcorn. It is delicious. Once one gets used to eating the popcorn without butter, the butter seems a gross.

I also am fond of candied ginger. It is just sugar and ginger and that's it.

I must ay that the longer one is on the diet, the less attractive snack foods seem. Most of the time I am happiest eating nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, fish, legumes, rice and quinoa. This does not sound like much variety but there are a million available ways to spice food up. I never, ever feel deprived.
If I feel like something sweet then Nakd Cocoa orange bars are good. They are raw with no sat fat. Ingredients : Dates, Cashews, Raisins, cocoa. I don't eat sugar so have to look for things like this.

I also like a little almond butter or pumpkin seed butter on rice cakes or oatcakes made with olive oil instead of palm oil (which is in most oat biscuits savory or sweet unfortunately).
Patterson's oat cakes http://www.wildaboutoats.com/products/9 ... tcakes.htm.

Sojasun soy yogurts are an ok replacement for natural yogurt (which I really miss). They are just soybeans and water and the nicest ones I have found. I am in London.

I carry 3 or 4 snacks everywhere I go! I get really hungry between meals and I'm often out all day. Usually nuts and fruit plus something from the list above. I also make my own flat bread wraps and freeze them (gluten free). They are handy to pull out and spread with a little almond butter for a filling snack when fruit just won't cut it! I've lost so much weight on this diet and I eat so much! (A bit too much weight really but I'm hoping it will get better.)

Hope everyone is feeling good!
Oh and for a rare sweet chocolatey treat

http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-loc ... 110ml.html

These Ice-creams are great and as healthy as a real tasting ice-cream can get really. And chocolatey!! Small amount of sat fat, I think about 1.5g per 100ml, so only for now and again... :)

No dairy, soya, gluten or sugar. Got to love booja booja!
You can get EVOO sprays thesedays. Air pop the corn spray a little of this on and add some sea salt. Yum.
These carob balls are my favourite....
2 Tblsps carob powder
3 Tblsp sunflower seeds, sesame seeds
1/2 cup linseeds
3/4 Tblsp Manuka honey
Blend in a food processor
Roll into balls.
Set in fidge for 30 minutes.
Love that carob ball recipe, Rose, love simple easy recipes!

I used to love buying my ChicNuts for snacks, roasted flavoured chikpeas, but the ingredients list states canola oil, and perhaps not so good...but, I just came across roasted chickpeas on the FatFreeVegan site, I tried these yesterday...so easy, I drained and rinsed off a can of chickpeas, spread evenly on baking tray, medium oven heat for 40 mins or so, shaking tray every 15mins or so, I sprayed a little EVOO halfway through and sprinkled on garlic powder...I'm still perfecting the time for me as we have a super powerful fan forced oven, that I cannot stand, give me gas anyday!

Just a few little snack ideas for you!!

I found apple cinnamin rice cakes with no oils or anything we cant have on this diet, and I put some apple butter on them....very tasty!! You could even put some sliced banana or apples on top of the apple butter as well.

Also, I bought Hagan Daz chocoloate sorbet.....soooooo yummy!!! I try only to have a few spoonfuls at a time because it does have alot of sugar..but it really helps with the chocolate cravings!
njmom wrote: Thanks for the ideas alex.

I havent found a can of vege chile without having oil in it....have you? (im in the U.S.)
Also, i do love cereal....kashi makes a couple that are ok to eat on this diet...and Trader Joes has some as well.
I will look for the new blue diamond crackers...thanks for the tips!!!

The amount of oil is small and there is little to no saturated fat. The only problem with the canned chile is that it has too much salt.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
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