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My partner is awaiting diagnosis for MS after suffering optic neuritis - which she is still suffering the effects from now.

I am in the UK - does anyone have any quick and easy fulfilling recipes that I could make to start with. She has changed from dairy to soy and has started Vit D supplments and Flaxseed Oil.

We are still in shock - so the easier the recipe the better as at the moment - she is getting some steamed veg with mixed beans and maybe a jacket potato. She is losing weight and has lost almost a stone so I need to get some meat back on her. For breakfast she is just having Quaker Oats most days - I do have to throw in some All Bran a couple days a week due to her having had IBS since she was little. I know it says not to have cereal, but the ingredients in All Bran look to be not too bad?

We are both vegetarian and always have been so she is unsure if she could bring herself to eat fish. Although I can see where the benefit of this might be .

Any quick ideas - or anything I could buy that is processed but not too badly I would really really appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance.

Kindest regards

If you look on the forum's recipe thread, you will find lots of inspiration.

A dish I cook regularly is a sweet potato, lentil and spinach dahl. It takes around 30 mins to cook and makes around 4 portions, so you could freeze any excess. I often have this with a piece of fish or some brown rice.


Weetabix would be another cereal option.

Thank you for your response Rachel, much appreciated. I didn't know if Weetabix was ok - some things confuse me a little but I'm trying my best for my wife.

I don't know if your wife is, or wants to go gluten free, if so there are forms of gluten free "weetabix". If you have a Tesco near you, they do there own form called nutribrex, in my opinion they are gorgeous!

If you don't have access to a tesco then just Google your local store, and gluten free weetabix.
Hope this helps!


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi Mtvesuvio

It can be confusing to begin with, but you'll soon get to understand what is and isn't compliant. Think of this as a natural, wholefoods diet - so the majority of what we consume should be in its most unadulterated form, or cooked from fresh ingredients. Obviously, it is not always possible to cook from scratch, so if you need to purchase processed food, look at the ingredients list. If the product has a huge list of ingredients (especially things that are unpronounceable!) it's probably best avoided.

If you have questions about specific products, this forum is a good place to come for advice.

Thank you so much Valley and Rachel for replying. I do have a Tesco so will look for the weetabix.

Really appreciate the advice from you both x
I'd invest in some good vegan cookbooks or look at their online videos. Try Deliciously Ella, The Happy Pear and BOSH!. They will use coconut oil and coconut milk, but dry fry or simmer in a bit of water instead of frying and use non-dairy milk plus some coconut essence in place of coconut milk.

Other easy meals:
Risotto (e.g. https://www.bbc.com/food/recipes/really ... omri_70240 but "fry" the onion in water and leave out butter and cheese)
Pizza - no need for cheese, delicious without
Grilled fish with rice and veg. Can add a teriyaki sauce (https://www.daringgourmet.com/homemade-teriyaki-sauce/)
Asian stir fry (fry with water/steam if you have a wok with a lid). Use pack of stir fry veg plus prawns and use shop bought or homemade sauce. Serve with rice or rice noodles.
Stir fry sauce. Mix together miso paste, mirin, soy sauce. Add a splash of sesame oil (not much). Mess around with proportions until it tastes right.
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Hi Geoff

Thank you very much for the ideas - much appreciated. Do you make your own pizza base (any ideas would be really appreciated as she was drooling thinking about pizza today, so would be nice to surprise her with a little treat).
Mtvesuvio wrote: Hi Geoff

Thank you very much for the ideas - much appreciated. Do you make your own pizza base (any ideas would be really appreciated as she was drooling thinking about pizza today, so would be nice to surprise her with a little treat).

500g Strong white bread flour
Teaspoon of yeast
tablespoon of EV Olive oil
340 ml water

Mix together. Kneed for 5 minutes. Leave for one hour. Preheat oven to 240 degrees (checked that this is OK for pizzas on a retreat). Divide dough into 4. Roll into circles/shape of tray using rolling pin. Put on pizza stone/pizza tray/any baking tray. Add passatta, garlic, herbs and then whatever toppings you fancy. I like olives, capers, anchovies. Add a good handful of kale which goes nice and crispy. Bake for 10 minutes. Serve with a nice glass of wine. Enjoy.
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Thank you that sounds delicious x
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