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Pretty much every recipe on Forks Over Knives is ok to try, It makes things a lot easier if you also have a set of cup measures as this opens up loads of recipes. I go for porridge gluten free oats (Waitrose sell a bag of these basically just means no wheat contamination which I choose to avoid) for breakfast with a handful of raisins, ground and whole flax seeds, keeps me going for ages. I snack on fruit and home made carrot slice and other stuff we've made. Naked bars are generally ok and handy in the bag snack while out and about. Sweet potato is very filling. Whole food is generally less calorie dense so you may find you need to eat more (not necessarily,y in a meal sitting but don't be shy of snacks). Hummus on a slice of cold baked potato is quite nice or a slice of toast and hummus is easy to make.
It is really good you are embarking on the change together that is really supportive.
Thank you Veg for the ideas. It is much appreciated.

I will do this with her, even though I hate legumes with a passion ;) But I want her to succeed at having the best possible future and if that means living OMS style with her, then it is worth the legumes.
Kidney beans fall into my legumes I dislike but I find chick peas easy to not be round hard balls in meals as they can be crushed before adding to the meal cooking as red split lentils are easy to work with.
There is an ace Christmas pudding recipe on this forum I bumped it only a few days ago.
There is also a chickpea flat bread recipe, great with curry though I have one most days with lunch.
Cooking too much veg for evening meal gives a head start to lunches. Lunch here is often a pan with red split lentils cooked then any left over veg chopped and added, then served up with chopped up fresh date, orange bits maybe some fresh chopped up beetroot, lettuce or any other stuff to hand with a flat bread or potato. It is a simple affair and quick to do rather than a recipe. Some might do a slice of toast with tinned fish on it like pilchards. Most recipes can be adapted which gets easier as you become more familiar if you like to follow recipes generally when cooking.
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