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Hi all,
I’ve been injecting Copaxone since April 20, 2014, four months after Dx. Started OMS a month after that. I’ve been well! Completely onboard with OMS. I really don’t think the Copaxone has anything to do inside my body any longer. I’ve always been three times a week. Now i’m more like two times a week. I feel no difference. The only thing I note after an injection is a sore spot for a day. I get my five year MRI in November and plan to quit totally then.
I think the reason that I continue with it now is because of the expectations of my neuro, my husband, and my mom. Arg!
I know there are threads about this already but for those of you who have quit Copaxone, did you feel any different upon ceasing injections?

Started the darn stuff before finding OMS and now I’m a bit nervous about stopping.

Thanks for your comments,
Hi Betsy, I've also quit injecting last week. I will never know was it the right decision or not. That's the worst thing about this medicine. You don't know if it is actually helping or not.

I had been using it for 11 months. I didn't feel anything different after quit except the that feeling "Did I do the right thing ?"
I also asked this question to myself. "Would I start injecting it if I had been recently diagnosed and had all this knowledge. Answer is NO.

Thanks for your reply. Nice to know I’m not alone. You have really sound thinking. I will be following in your steps. Once a week now. When it is gone, I’m finished with it. Part of me thinks, “It really isn’t a big deal!” And then I think about how tired I am of injecting. So, thanks again. Soon to be injection free.
And I had my five year MRI. Last one of those, I hope! Nothing new, everything stable as it has been since Dx and OMS. Also finished with Copaxone. Like Cern, was the med doing anything? I’m going to trust myself and OMS.
Hi Betsy

I don't really have any advice for you, but thought I would add my own experience.
I was on rebif for two years, and had a reaction to it that my neurologist said he had never seen before.

He and the team suggested two medications, one of which they really tried to push, even though I pointed out that it had a rebound effect if stopped.
I was told they had never heard of that!
I eventually told them that I would like to try copaxone, and the neurologist agreed to prescribe it.

Fast forward I have been on it about three months now.
I also take ldn, despite neurologist refusing to prescribe it.
I have been taking lions maine for quite a while, plus many supplements that I have researched!
I use tiger balm daily, which I also have had a great experience of.

The reason I mention this is I consider all of the above like ingredients in a cake.
The cake being my body!

I think you are very brave to make this decision!
Bravery should always be respected!


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi Valley,
I’ve been off Copaxone for two months now and I feel no different from when I was on it. My neuro wasn’t happy but told me it was my choice. She then asked if I wanted to schedule another MRI in June. (I just had one at the end of September.) No, I do not want another MRI! As long as I’m feeling fine, no MRI for me!

Thanks for your response. Hope you continue to do well with your choices!
Until reading the OMS book I hadn't realised that Prof Jelinek had been on Glatiramer (copaxone I presume) as well as the OMS stuff which is what tipped me into Copaxone after chickening out of Tecfidera.

I am about to start after the MS nurse gets in touch. and as long as I can tolerate it will try and look at it as a double whammy (hopefully!) as it were.

Obvs I am new to all this...does having a clear MRI or no more lesions on MRI mean it's kind of "cured" ?
That’s good news about the mri and no new lesions. I would call the disease either stable or quiet instead of cured. Continuing to follow OMS diligently will keep it there!

Good for you and keep it up!
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